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Pest Control St George

Looking for safe and effective pest control in St. George and surrounding areas? Flick Pest Control can help. Since 2016, our merger with Amalgamated Pest Control has allowed us to expand our service increasing our ability to provide premier treatment solutions to residential, commercial and industrial properties alike.

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Merged since 2016, Flick Anticimex and Amalgamated Pest Control are proud to now operate as one team in St. George. With years of experience providing state-of-the-art treatment solutions, this partnership has allowed for two of Australia’s most trusted names in the business to become the nation’s largest provider of residential, commercial, and industrial pest control services. No matter the size or species of infestation, our team is dedicated to providing safe and effective treatment that complies with only the most rigorous of national and international regulations. All inspections follow Australian Standard 4349.0 (2007) and 4349.3 (2010), with each treatment plan designed uniquely for your property.

Common Pests in St. George


Also known as White Ants, termites will cause costly and irreparable damage if left to their own devices. Voracious feeders apt to chew their way through your entire property before you’ve even realised they are there, the integrity of any and all timber structures is in peril without prompt detection and proper treatment. Often found hidden within wooden frames, termite colonies are nearly impossible to locate and exterminate without the professional service of a licensed pest control team, and annual inspections are recommended for all structures made of or with wood. From pre-construction ad post-flooding evaluations to chemical soil and liquid perimeter treatments, the St. George team of Flick professionals has designed a multi-faceted approach to ensure that your home or business is, and remains, protected.


Common in and around St. George, the Redback is one of the most frightening of eight-legged insects to find within your home or business. By finding and treating cracks and crevices, seating, light fixtures, windows, and doors, our St. George team can ensure safe and effective eradication of arachnids from your property. This will prevent them increasing in number and invading your home. Call our St. George team for effective spider control at 07 4654 7500.

How to avoid spiders:

  • Always use gloves when gardening or coming into contact with soil
  • Footwear should always be sensible, especially in the night
  • Watch out for spiders that live on the ground, particularly after undertaking landscaping or excavating activities
  • Do not leave toys unattended overnight as they might become nesting grounds for spiders


Both Australian and American cockroaches are common in St. George, as well as the smaller German cockroach and its taste for electrical appliances. The droppings of cockroaches can aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms. Difficult to eradicate without a proper fumigation treatment, our team uses a combination of bait gels and low-toxicity formulations of pesticide fumigation. This provides a safe and long-term cockroach control solution.

Rats and Mice

Rats & Mice thrive in tropical climates and St George is no exception. Commonly found in homes living in roofs and wall cavities. Rats can cause an enormous amount of damage as they chew through everything looking for food and nesting sites, and leave droppings that can be a health hazard. If your house is within a few blocks of restaurants or other food-related businesses, there is a higher risk of rat infestations. Our pest control team houses for rats and mice and provide commercial rodent control for restaurants and related businesses.

Other Pest Control Services in St. George

We offer a range of pest control treatment solutions for a variety of pests, including:

St. George Service Area

Proud to service homes and businesses alike, Flick Anticimex and Amalgamated Pest Control serve both St. George and the surrounding suburbs. Find out whether we cover your town by giving our team a call at 07 4654 7500.

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