Perth Ant Control

As Perth’s leading ant control provider and ant exterminator, we provide local ant control, ant treatment, and ant removal in Perth and nearby areas to eliminate ant infestations and issues caused by them.

Perth’s warm climate and leafy surroundings work well for ants, including white ants, often referred to as termites. Our professionally trained ant technicians develop safe and effective treatments of the affected areas of your property for ant removal and ant treatment.

We offer preventative ant and warranty inspections, plus ant management solutions, to fit the needs of your home or business.

If you find ants, call (08) 6500 6284 immediately to speak to an expert for more information.

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Perth Ant Protection and Control

Perth doesn’t just attract tourists, but ants as well. Ants can cause extensive property damage if given the chance. They also bring in dirt and other unhygienic substances that can cause people to become ill over time.

Flick’s ant control services include Home Protection Plans that can protect you and your family from all the destruction and chaos ants can bring to your life.

Call (08) 6500 6284 to speak to our experts to find out more, book an ant inspection, or subscribe to a Home Protection Plan today.

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Perth Is Prone to Ant Infestations

Due to Perth’s warm summer temperatures, ants are inclined to spend their summers in the area. During the cooler winter months, they are looking for a warm place to infest, such as your home, because they are cold-blooded. Ants especially like to invade the kitchen for food and supplies.

It is important to note that ants like the smell of sugar and honeydew. To keep them out of your kitchen and home, be sure to keep all food in the refrigerator, seal packets of food, and immediately clean away any spillages of juice and water. Any smells of food and sweetness will lead to ants invading your home, which can lead to ant infestations and the need for ant control services.

Unlike many insect infestations, an ant infestation can be very difficult to spot. There are no outward signs of an infestation; you will just suddenly see some ants in your home or business. This is where you must take action.

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Hire Professional Ant Control Before Building

All of Perth’s new buildings must take into account ant controls to help ensure the safety of the buildings well into the future. Ant pest control in Perth keeps ants from attacking your building through the use of specialised equipment and products, but these are only available to registered pest controllers like those at Flick.

Our highly skilled technicians have extensive experience with ant control and ant treatment. In addition, they regularly attend and complete training courses to keep their ant knowledge updated so they know the latest and most environmentally friendly techniques available to rid these pests from your property and keep them from coming back.

Flick can advise you on what ant removal and ant treatment plans are best for your specific property and for your budget. Ants do not take much into consideration when it comes to invading a building; they will infest any they can access. Thus, you can gain peace of mind by utilising our ant pest control services.

Call (08) 6500 6284 and get your property inspected by a professional immediately.

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Reliable Ant Solutions in Perth

Flick provides ant control and ant removal services to all types of buildings in Perth and the surrounding areas, including homes, commercial properties, government organisations, and more.

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Ant on wood floor in Perth home

Subscribe & Save With Ant Protection in Perth

Flick offers multiple Home Protection Plans (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) to fit your home and budget. Subscribe and save with affordable monthly plans for complete pest protection from ants, white ants, and general pests all throughout the year.

Just choose the right ongoing ant management plan for your home and gain peace of mind with our 24/7, year-round protection.

We have been servicing and protecting thousands of local homes in Perth and beyond for over a century. Protect your property from ants. Call (08) 6500 6284 today.

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Commercial Ant Control in Perth

We provide professional integrated and SMART digital pest control services for businesses in Perth. We use the latest technology and custom-made solutions to keep a pest-free environment for your business. An ant infestation can ruin your reputation, lead to expensive building damage, and increase the likelihood of disease and illness for all within that building.

No matter what type of business you operate, we can customise a plan for it today.

Call (08) 6500 6284 to talk to our ant experts and book a site analysis.

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Customer Reviews in Perth

Flick Pest Control Perth4.5 review us onAndrea C.Andrea C. ★★★★★ So pleased I booked Flick Pest Control to come and treat my house for creepy crawlies,ants,spiders and mice.The technician Alex Schlenzak was so knowledgeable and thorough and efficient in treating my entire home and garden.I certainly would recommend this pest control company and their well trained technicians.Steven B.Steven B. ★★★★★ Pleased with the Jon Berner’s work. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Recommended and great serviceSteven P.Steven P. ★★★★★ Jackson came to us he is very easy to talk to, very informative and does the job well. We have been happy with the service provided so far. Ants are a never ending problem but flick seem to keep the problem to a minimum. Jackson has also started the mice eradication system as a problem was discovered. so here’s hoping that works out ok as well. Thanks guys.Janelle L.Janelle L. ★★★★★ Great efficient service - very knowledgeable! Thanks Rod Buck!Julie K.Julie K. ★★★★★ Excellent customer service 👌 Job Well done! Thanks Rod BuckHarpal S.Harpal S. ★★★★★ really amazing serviceValerie D.Valerie D. ★★★★★ Yesterday Mik came to our Rockingham home for our annual inspection. Sprayed inside & out,such a nice pleasant man,would definitely recommend him.Donna H.Donna H. ★★★★★ Chris was very friendly and professional and, most importantly, very thorough.Sturt A.Sturt A. ★★★★★ Today your technician attended our home , Jackson Conroy , I would like to express my gratitude to Jackson for his exceptional service and professionalism. A well mannered young gentlemen a credit to your company.Service with a warm smile and nothing was a bother for him . Thanks again Jackson .S MS M ★★★★☆ We have been dealing with flick for over 5 years. They are prompt and efficient and awesome service . Don't have to worry about Ants, spiders or cockroaches. All taken care by flick . Great work Richard and ChrisJean C.Jean C. ★★★★★ I found Jackson Conroy very efficient, professional and pleasant to deal with. Thank youJoyceJoyce ★★★★★ Jackson Conroy answered all my questions with professionalism and highly recommend his work ethics.Sara M.Sara M. ★★★★★ I had Jackson come to my place and sort out my rat dilemma. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional are some words that come to mind 🙂 I would highly recommend ☺️Maryann T.Maryann T. ★★★★★ Excellent service. We had Jackson Conray doing our spider treatment. Very professional.ShineShine ★★★★★ Amazing friendly. Pests be gone. Josh Healy is amazing one of the only tradies I know to turn up ON TIME!!T MT M ★★★★★ Thursday 24/08/2023 Chris came to treat my property in Eglinton at 2pm today. What a lovely young man, professional, polite, respectful, clearly passionate about his job and people (very rare in this day & age). He took the time to explain how the treatment works and what I need to do post treatment. This humble young man is an asset to your organisation and I hope you gets the recognition he deserves. Absolute pleasure to work with him.MaureenMaureen ★★★★★ Just want you to know what a wonderful thorough job your representative by the name of Mik did today testing for termites. I have been living here for about six/seven years and Mike was more thorough than any others by far before him, and a very nice gentleman as well. Thank you Mik.....also just a side note, a person by the name on Candice has been extremely helpful to me on the phone as well. It appears you have some very good employees at Flick if they are like Mik or Candice. Thank you.Simon F.Simon F. ★★★★★ We had a Flick pest controller (Dutch) come out today for our annual service, great job and very informative on what to look out for and what we can do ourselves to keep the pests away.Thankyou.Karen C.Karen C. ★★★★★ Extremely happy with the service we are receiving when Chris attendsAshviny S.Ashviny S. ★★★★★ Have been using Flick for several years now. Excellent service! Elijah, Hutch and Mik have been nothing but wonderful and clearly experienced in what they do.js_loader

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