Perth Bird Control

As the leading bird pest control provider in Perth, we take care of any birds that infiltrate your home or business and cause you problems.

Perth’s warm climate has the positive side benefit of attracting many beautiful birds to the area. The unfortunate side effect of this, though, is that these birds can settle in urban areas and cause considerable damage to businesses, storefronts, and more. In addition, they spread mites, bacteria, and diseases. The sight of them around businesses can damage those businesses’ reputations.

Our professionally trained bird technicians can assess how much of a problem you have through a complete inspection, then provide a tailor-made solution that will solve the problem via bird removal and bird nest removal. We also provide bird control services, so the birds will not come back to the area, settle down, and build nests to raise families.

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Perth Bird Protection and Control

Beautiful Perth not only attracts tourists but many birds as well. With an increase in birds, however, the reputation of many businesses decreases due to the fact that birds bring a lot of bacteria and illnesses to the area. They can also cause a great deal of structural damage to the buildings as well.

Communities in the cities especially have to be aware of these birds and make as many defensive preparations as they can. That is why it is wise to hire professional bird control services before your next build.

Call (08) 6500 6284 for your current property or if you plan on building a new home in the near future. Talk to our professionals and book professional bird control to keep pest birds from becoming a major problem.

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Perth Is Prone to Bird Infestations

Perth, like many areas, has encountered problems and challenges from the species of birds that have settled down in urban areas. They will often cause structural damage to buildings because of the nests they build. In addition, because of the bacteria and pathogens they bring into the area, businesses in those areas often are considered “dirty” and suffer a downgrade in reputation from the public.

Flick will send qualified technicians to your business or home to determine the severity of your situation by examining the area. After that is completed, they will build a custom solution that will clear the birds out of your area without harming them.

You might be considering using DIY methods that are readily available, but there are a few drawbacks to using those. First, you have to spend a lot of money on the materials in order for them to properly work, and you also have to put in a lot of hard labour to help make them work as well. Even if those DIY methods work properly, they can often cause structural damage to your property, thereby creating a new problem. Flick has experienced technicians who have dealt with bird infestations. We know how to provide effective commercial bird control and residential bird pest control.

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birds on roof of Perth home

Hire Professional Bird Control Before Building for Bird Treatment and Bird Proofing

All new building constructions in Perth and elsewhere are factoring in bird controls so that those buildings are safeguarded for the future. Bird management systems keep birds from settling down and building nests anywhere in the area. As a result, those new buildings should remain structurally sound for years to come.

We provide acoustic and audible bird control solutions for effective bird pest control in areas such as Perth. One solution utilises a high-frequency tone that can only be heard by pest birds; as a result, humans are not bothered by this tone, but pest birds head far away. We particularly utilise this solution in areas where other methods cannot be practically used.

Flick’s experts also provide bird-proofing services via a stainless-steel wire with high-quality polyethylene netting. When this netting is placed around the afflicted area, the pest birds stay out. This netting will provide many years of effective relief, as it is UV resistant, meaning it will hold up against the hot Australian sun. We also offer netting in various colours which is bound to fit well with your landscape and provide the needed pest bird protection you desire.

If you are dealing with a pest bird problem, bird control services are the only way to solve it. Call (08) 6500 6284 to get your home or business inspected by a professional right away. We will then create a customised solution that will solve your bird problem and keep your structure from experiencing any damage from those birds.

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Reliable Bird Treatment Solutions in Perth

Flick provides bird treatment and proofing services to help ensure that your buildings remain standing, that they are clean of bacteria, mites, and diseases, and that they are safe for people to enter and conduct life and business.

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Residential Bird Pest Control in Perth

We offer effective residential bird pest control in Perth and nearby suburbs. We provide bird removal, bird nest removal, bird treatment, and bird-proofing to ensure you have no problems with pest birds at your home so you can enjoy all that life has to offer you and your family.

We have been servicing thousands of local homes in Perth and elsewhere for 100+ years. Keep your property safe from pest birds. Call (08) 6500 6284 today.

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Commercial Bird Control in Perth

We provide professional commercial bird control for businesses in Perth using the most recent and advanced tailored solutions to keep your business bird-free. A business’s reputation can be ruined because of a bird infestation. Birds can also cause damage to the structure and cause an increase in illness for all in the building.

Whatever the type and size of the business you are running, we can create an effective solution to rid your business of pest birds and keep them away.

Call (08) 6500 6284 or schedule a site analysis today.

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Customer Reviews in Perth

Flick Pest Control Perth4.6 review us onAimeeAimee ★★★★★ Gave fleas and ticks the FLICK!! With Flick Pest Control Perth! Thanks to the amazing technician Daire Fox for taking care of those pesty critters. Daire was a burst of refreshing energy! He got the job done efficiently, professionally and with a smile on his face.I will note that the price of the service was a lot cheaper than other pest companies, which is always an added bonus.I’d highly recommend Flick Pest Control Perth. Thanks a bunch 😊Rajvir K.Rajvir K. ★★★★★ Richard did great job, kind enough to see our lil daughter and explain accordingly about using the areas he sprayed. Thank you so much.Chloe S.Chloe S. ★★★★★ Jon Berber went above and beyond during his service at Subway Balcatta today! He was extremely thorough, replaced all our traps and really took his time. He was super polite and helpful. Thanks so much Jon! we looke forward to seeing you next time :)Clint H.Clint H. ★★★★★ Couldn't be happier with Richard and the service he provided. Very friendly and knowledgeable and very helpful with questions we had.Highly recommend Richard at Flick Pest Control.Yoon C.Yoon C. ★★★★★ Have absolutely loved working with Daire Fox! He’s a great communicator, everyone gets along with him and he’s very clearly competent at his job. Thank you sincerely for your service, Flick 🙏🏼1Kiwi C.1Kiwi C. ★★★★★ Our technician Rod Buck provides us with a great service. He always polite, friendly and touches base with me before he starts the inspection and will report back to me after and let me know if there are any issues. He's an asset to the companyCatherine M.Catherine M. ★★★★★ Great experience and very thorough! As soon as any pest activity is sighted, it’s caught early and everything is done thoroughly to prevent any further infestations. Very happy with the service 🙂Laverne J.Laverne J. ★★★★★ Daire Fox was thee best. Excellent customer service and gave great advice.Highly recommend the service from him.Brittany B.Brittany B. ★★★★★ Had the pleasure of Daire coming to my venue twice now to do our pest control. Not only is he thorough and amazing at what he does but you can tell he's genuinely happy to be doing what he's doing and is always in a great mood!Jody D.Jody D. ★★★★★ Daire Fox came and did my exit pest control today and was so friendly and did a very thorough job! Highly recommend 😊Jonathon C.Jonathon C. ★★★★★ Couldn’t be more happier with the service provided by Flick. Had Daire come out this morning and he couldn’t have been anymore helpful. Very happy with the work he providedJulya Ivan A.Julya Ivan A. ★★★★★ Daire Fox, good personality and very friendly! Knows how to do a job well done!Craig S.Craig S. ★★★★★ Great service and communication, very friendly staff walked me through everything he did. Thanks again daire foxMike S.Mike S. ★★★★★ Technician Daire Fox was fantastic, punctual and very informative.Great service and very friendly.Vishnu N.Vishnu N. ★★★★★ Great service every time. Alex S not only did a great job but was very knowledgeable.Mikhail A.Mikhail A. ★★★★★ Excellent service from Daire Foxsarath J.sarath J. ★★★★★ We are on an annual contract with Flick paying about $ 28.00 per month. This is a good plan except that it limits what it is covered and if you want to add wider cover you need add separately costing a substantial amount annually.I had to get Flick to arrange the second treatment in about 4 months as the infestation reoccurring with no cost as the plan allows me to call them any number of times within the year. But I had to pay separately to cover rodent.Technician who came the second time was Daire Fox. He was great, through, friendly and had a fantastic attitude. We are happy with his service.Heth P.Heth P. ★★★★★ Thanks Daire Fox for the quick and efficient service of our restaurant and for the advice on how to maintain it free of pests. Will use again, cheersN DN D ★★★★★ Had Flick come to remove a nest of Wasps from our back yard and for a while house treatment and termite inspection. Rod Buck was punctual, polite and took the time to listen to the issues, provide advice and clearly outlined what he was planning to do, the reasons why and feedback on what was found during the inspection. Rod provided advice going forward and recommendations on how best to deal with pests situation specific to our property. Glad to have Rod on board and look forward to having him attend again to provide an expert level of service and support.lim A.lim A. ★★★★★ Daire was awesome & spot onmanage to spot some spider eggs on the ceiling skirts . Very informative .js_loader

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