Sydney Cockroach Control

As Australia’s leading cockroach pest control provider, Flick will take care of any pest infestation and resulting problems that are affecting your Sydney business or home.

Sydney’s humid climate and leafy surroundings are a perfect environment for cockroaches. Our professionally trained cockroach technicians provide safe and effective cockroach removal and cockroach treatments that will remove the pests from your property and keep them away.

We offer preventative cockroach inspections and a selection of cockroach control services to meet the specific needs of your home or business.

If you find cockroaches, it is very likely that your home or business has an infestation. DIY methods are largely ineffective; instead, call (02) 8381 1773 immediately to speak to an expert for more information on a better and more effective solution.

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Sydney Cockroach Protection and Control

Beautiful Sydney is not just a tourist destination; it is high on the cockroaches’ destination list as well. Cockroaches that are not native to Australia can cause many problems for residents, as they can be exposed to allergens, experience a greater number of increasingly acute asthma flare-ups, and experience more disease and bacteria. If cockroaches get into food, the food can become contaminated and cause people who eat it to get sick, particularly those with weakened immune systems and the very young and very old.

Cockroach control in Sydney and elsewhere is not easy if a non-professional tries to address the problem. That is because cockroaches are some of the most difficult insects to kill; non-professionals will find it nearly impossible to end an infestation using DIY methods.

Consider the following facts:

  • Cockroaches can survive for one month without food.
  • Cockroaches can survive one week without water.
  • Cockroaches can survive for around 40 minutes underwater by holding their breath.
  • Cockroaches can even survive for one week without their head being attached to their bodies!

Regarding that final fact, cockroaches will eventually die without their heads being attached because they do need to drink water and stay hydrated.

Considering the aforementioned facts, ridding a home or business of a cockroach infestation is a difficult challenge, especially for those without the proper experience and tools to do it. Only experts such as those at Flick are capable of total cockroach extermination, cockroach removal, and cockroach treatment. This is especially true of German cockroaches; DIY methods will especially not work on these types of cockroaches. If you try to treat them, you will just waste time and money, plus still need to call for cockroach pest control in Sydney.

Call (02) 8381 1773 to speak to our experts, book a cockroach inspection, or install a cockroach management system today.

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Sydney Is Prone to Cockroach Infestations

Since Sydney is moist and warm, cockroaches are prone to infest homes and businesses. Cockroaches do much of their movement at night, as they are nocturnal insects. Therefore, if you see any in your structure during the daytime, you know you have a lot of them in your building and need cockroach control services immediately. Those services need to include a cockroach exterminator that can provide both cockroach removal and cockroach treatment. Flick provides cockroach pest control in Sydney and all nearby suburbs.

Don’t wait – call (02) 8381 1773 today and get the cockroach control you need so your business or home is not overrun with cockroaches.

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close up of a cockroach in Sydney

Install a Cockroach Management System Before Building

New buildings in Sydney must factor in cockroach control systems to ensure the buildings hold up far into the future. Cockroach management systems keep cockroaches from entering your building through both physical and chemical barriers.

Our SMART Pest Control is an intuitive digital pest control system that keeps cockroaches and other pests at bay. It will automatically detect these pests and instantly record and report their activity. Using this in conjunction with our integrated pest management solutions will prevent your home or business from a cockroach infestation.

Flick can advise you on which cockroach treatment plan will work best for your specific home or business. Note that we have several plans that fit virtually all types of budgets. Cockroaches will invade both old and new homes, which is why it is imperative to install a cockroach management system in your new home or business so you can feel assured that your property will not be invaded by these pests.

If you suspect you have cockroaches, immediately call (02) 8381 1773 to get your home or business inspected by a professional.

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Reliable Cockroach Solutions in Sydney

Flick provides cockroach control services that include cockroach extermination, cockroach removal, and cockroach treatment for real estates, government organisations, schools, homes, and more in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

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Subscribe & Save With Cockroach Protection in Sydney

Our three Home Protection Plans (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) can fit virtually any home and budget. Subscribe and save with affordable monthly plans for complete pest protection from cockroaches and other pests throughout the entire year.

Choose your preferred ongoing cockroach management plan for your home, then relax with real-time protection from cockroaches and other pests.

We have been providing reliable service to homes in Sydney and surrounding areas for over a century. Protect your property from cockroaches. Call (02) 8381 1773 today to learn more about our Home Protection Plans.

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Commercial Cockroach Control in Sydney

Our professional integrated and SMART digital pest control services for businesses in Sydney utilise the latest technology and custom-made solutions to keep cockroaches and other pests out of your business. Your business’s reputation can be ruined by a cockroach infestation. In addition, you can incur expensive repairs and experience more disease and illness because of a cockroach infestation.

Regardless of the size and type of your business, we can create a custom-made plan that will keep the pests out of your workplace.

Call (02) 8381 1773 to talk to our cockroach experts and book an analysis of your site today.

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Customer Reviews in Sydney

Flick Pest Control Sydney4.5 review us onDivanshu S.Divanshu S. ★★★★★ Mr. Ahmed has gone out of his way to make sure our home was sprayed perfectly will highly recommend Ahmed to spray your house. He also took the time to explain how german cockroach breed and where they lay eggs. Friends and family will be using Ahmed from flick. Thank you Mr. Ahmed and flickNymphadora T.Nymphadora T. ★★★★★ I have been with Flick since more than a year now. I am happy with the service and results.I need to mention specifically the guys who came this time , did an exceptional job.Rami and Aiden were amazing and thorough. Rami made sure not a single nook or corner is left untouched. He seemed knowledgeable and passionate about his work. Thanks a lot guys for your service 🤗. Will sure recommend you next time 👍🏻Rogers K.Rogers K. ★★★★★ Tim thank you for such an amazing work you did on our property of 24 units and in my residence today. You are calm gentle and so caring for taking the time to explain all procedures in detail. I am amazed at your work that you did with such efficiency and best practice. Tim you displayed outstanding customer services with your calm gentle manner which makes dealing with trades professional a delight. Highly recommended services and its staff like Tim that makes using this company a total delight.Kishore K.Kishore K. ★★★★★ We got the termite inspection and pest control package recently from Flick. From the person who coordinated on the phone (Janet) till the technician (Dale) who came to our home were very professional and knowledgeable. We only had a couple of days wait time from the date of the service purchase to the date of the termite inspection. We had a great experience with this company so far.On the day of the termite inspection, Dale listened to our requests patently and applied the pest control spray throughly throughout our home. Really appreciate the effort. Special thank to you mate!Billy R.Billy R. ★★★★★ The technician "Rami" was very knowledgable, experinced and has provided us excellent service, required advise ti take control on pest and termite on our property yesterday. The inspection process were well demonstrated and job well done. ✌️James S.James S. ★★★★★ Rami, the technician who came and did the job was friendly and detailed in what he needed to do. Keep up the good work.Dheerendra N.Dheerendra N. ★★★★★ Massive shoutout to Isaac from Flick. What a great tradesperson with expert knowledge, he took the time to explain all the complexities and nitty-gritties of the termite barrier system. He thoroughly inspected the entire house and went above & beyond inspecting the failing gyprock false ceiling. Thanks to his keen observation and valuable suggestions, I saved thousands by getting a gyprocker to fix buckling roof for a few hundred bucks which could otherwise set me back by thousands by crashing on my car eventually.Isaac was super friendly, very courteous and thoroughly enjoyed his job. He also took great pride in his craftsmanship and it was an absolute pleasure to have him attend at my home. Thank You Isaac, I hope I get you to visit my place every time for routine inspections & charge-ups!SheridanSheridan ★★★★★ We recently engaged Flick to treat internals and externals at our home on the Lower North Shore and the results have been immediate. Great service, they split the treatments to accommodate the weather and we have seen a significant reduction in spiders and other insects inside the home. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.JacqsJacqs ★★★★★ Absolutely delighted with Flick Pest Control Inner Sydney! Their team, including Abraham and the dedicated receptionist, consistently go above and beyond to keep our home pest-free. Their thorough and precise work is truly commendable. Special thanks to Abraham for his outstanding follow-up. Thank you for the exceptional service! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Lili DLili D ★★★★★ thorough inspection from Rame, great friendly character. Also helped with termites in trees previouslysrikanth S.srikanth S. ★★★★★ Rami from flick was a wonderful guy. He was on time, patient, and the service was amazing.. recommend Ramiluis F.luis F. ★★★★★ Santosh was professional and very polite thank youSunny N.Sunny N. ★★★★★ Rami did an excellent and thorough treatment both inside and outside the house. He was very professional and friendly, and arrived at our door on time. Would definitely request for him again for our next pest inspection and treatment!Jonathan H.Jonathan H. ★★★★★ Flick as always provided us with excellent and on time service at our home. Rami was extremely professional and respectful of our home and belongings, also bringing service with a smile! we’ll be requesting him for our future Flick visits.Natasha D.Natasha D. ★★★★★ Rami came to our house and did the inspection and he was great. He should be supervisor!!! Thanks Rami.js_loader