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At Flick, we understand the importance of transparency. We keep customers informed of all pre-construction activity with our custom-designed app. It provides instant reporting via tablet technology, allowing you peace of mind while your home or business is under our care.

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Whether protection of an old system or reinforcement of a perimeter, our professional installation reports (complete with electronic mud maps and digital photographs) ensure that your services are documented and easily accessible. Each report is customised to suit both personal preference and compliance requirements in your state.

Kordon Termite System by Bayer

Lock termites out of your home or business with the Kordon Termite System. Trusted by professionals and backed by a reputation for quality, this is a leading-edge solution for termite control.

Kordon is a flexible and durable laminate that acts as a physical and chemical barrier to termite infiltration. It blocks underground access to your home or business, preventing extensive damage and also ensuring that any termites are visible and easily removed when they try to enter externally.

A unique and flexible tool designed to provide total termite protection from day one, Flick is proud to offer Bayer’s Kordon Termite System across Australia.

Rebuff Termites with HomeGuard

The HomeGuard termite management system provides state-of-the-art total termite protection. Flick offers this all-in-one physical and chemical system that can be installed in the foundations of new buildings or extensions. HomeGuard provides continuous protection of termite entry points. You’ll be able to track the installation in the Flick app and receive reports to ensure you’re compliant.

Our HomeGuard termite management system is Codemark certified and we’ll even back our termite-free guarantee with FMCs $1,000,000 Peace of Mind Warranty.


Installing the Novithor Pesticide Free Termite Protection System in any construction type is a simple and hassle-free process, using technically proven application methods. Plus the Novithor System can also be utilised in existing buildings.

In new buildings there is no impact on the critical path of the construction process and no permits are required for the installation. In fact, the Novithor System is approved for effectiveness and accredited with certifications from numerous government organisations.

Novithor becomes an integral part of the building, not an “add on”. It is suitable for use in regions with high water tables, in coastal or river zones, and in water catchment areas.

We supply and install HomeGuard, Novithor, and the Kordon Termite System in all major cities within Australia. Contact us today on 1300 270 019 for more information.

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