Is your home clean? Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was easy to answer that question in the affirmative, and even if a house required regular cleaning, most of us did not live in homes where we feared bringing viruses into our home or spreading illnesses through commonly touched surfaces. The daily use of preventative cleaning measures, such as using bleach or another disinfectant for a weekly wipe-down of hard surfaces probably felt sufficient to keep our homes safe for our families. Businesses may have had more frequent preventative cleanings, but were also not as concerned about the potential spread of illnesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed what most of us think of when we wonder if a home or business is clean. Not only is the novel Coronavirus deadlier than most viruses we experience, but it is also very persistent. While it appears to be transmitted in the air primarily, there is enough evidence that it can be carried into a home on clothing, packages, shoes, etc., that it is clear that only thoroughly sanitised and disinfected spaces are truly safe.

Flick’s disinfection service has been popular for businesses since well before the COVID-19 threat. We use a broad-spectrum mister to disperse fine micron particles of our disinfectants throughout a building. These disinfectants target bacteria, viruses, and funguses, killing them within seconds. The delivery method means that it targets many surfaces at once, even getting into ventilation and other non-accessible areas. While powerful, the disinfectants are also made of an environmentally-friendly product that naturally degrades, making it safe for people and pets to enter the property within a short period.

Flick Anticimex is a perfect solution for people looking for thorough disinfecting, including targeted Coronavirus disinfection. All over the globe, Flick is working with homeowners, business owners, and even governments to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus through our specialised disinfection services.

Once we provide those specialised disinfection services, which should target all viruses currently living in a building, then it is essential to implement a thorough prevention regime. Reasonable precautions, such as masks in public, handwashing, hand sanitising, and regular disinfection of high-touch areas such as light fixtures and door handles, can prolong a specialised disinfection’s effective time period. In some circumstances, regular specialised disinfection may be the best way to continue to combat this deadly pandemic. Contact us on 13 40 40 about our preventative and specialised disinfection services.

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