Termites are generally regarded as the world’s most destructive timber pest. Termite infestations can cause severe structural damage to buildings and timber structures.

Homeowners in Australia spend approximately $1 billion each year on termite treatments and repairs, as one in three Australian homes are affected.

Are you aware that loss caused by termites (i.e. property damage, eradication treatments and loss of rental income) are excluded from all landlord insurance policies?  So, how will you know if your home has been infested with termites?

How do termites enter your home?

Dead trees, stumps, timber in ground contact, and other cellulose-based material (e.g. paper, cardboard) are the main food source for termites. These food sources on your property or against the building structure can provide a means of gaining concealed entry to your home. Termites are particularly attracted to moisture, so kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms are generally the first places to inspect.

How termites find entry into your home/property

8 ways to prevent the risk of termite attacks on your home/property:

  1. Regularly clean your gutters;
  2. Keep mulch, debris, and firewood away from the house;
  3. Trim all trees, bushes and other dense vegetation against the house;
  4. Remove dead trees from the yard;
  5. Prevent moisture build-up by repairing leaky taps and water lines;
  6. Do not leave timber, cardboard or paper on the ground;
  7. Do not place garden beds against the house; and
  8. Do not leave timber lying around the yard.

If you suspect or have found termite activity on your property, ensure you follow the below guidelines to avoid further damage:

  • Do not touch or disturb the termites;
  • Do not disrupt the area;
  • Cover the area from light;
  • Do not try to spray or kill the termites;
  • Warn others not to disturb the area; and
  • Contact your local Flick Anticimex branch.

Regular (at least annual) termite inspections can ensure infestations are detected early to limit the amount of damage and potentially save you from significant eradication and treatment costs.

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