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    Pests present numerous health and compliance risks FMCG companies, with the potential for shutdown and millions of dollars’ worth of damage. Plus, one social media post by a horrified customer can destroy your good reputation!

    There are several types of pests that can be found in FMCG companies. The most common are rodents such as rats and mice, as well as cockroaches, flies, and other insects in stored products. All of them constitute a great danger, not only because their presence can have a serious negative impact on the reputation of the entire chain, but also because some of them are transmitters of microorganisms. These cause diseases, which can cause a problem to public health

    As leaders in pest control for over 100 years, Flick knows the secret methods pests use to infiltrate.

    Find Out How To:

    Detect Early Signs of Infestation

    Rodents, cockroaches, flies and stored product insects are all common dangers to Australian food retail outlets. From droppings to giveaway stains, know what to look for.

    Identify Vulnerable Locations

    A mouse can pass through a 6mm hole, while cockroaches love hot and humid areas! Find out where pests are commonly hiding.

    Protect Food Prep Areas

    Get our proven tips on how to safeguard surfaces, cut off pests’ water supply and seal garbage for prevention.

    Use the Latest Pest Control Technology

    From non-toxic digital SMART systems which monitor 24/7 to traditional pest control, learn how to stop pests – for good!