Our Commitment for a Sustainable Future

Flick is your partner in sustainable pest control and hygiene services.

At Flick, we believe it is our duty to contribute positively to the environment, the health of our employees and the Australian community.

Our sustainability goals have tangible targets and include:

  • Reducing the use of biocides in pest control through powerful SMART technology
  • Reducing Co2 emissions, with yearly targets for reduction via the use of zero and low emission vehicles
  • Promoting a safe and healthy workplace for all Flick employees across Australia
  • Being the preferred employer, actively communicating our values and supporting our network

Have you considered pest control as part of your sustainability goals?

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Non-toxic Commercial Pest Control

Flick has revolutionised commercial pest control with SMART Digital Pest Control for small to large-scale premises.

By harnessing data and digital monitoring to eradicate rodents, we negate the need for harmful pesticides which can be toxic to both the environment, native wildlife, pets and people.

Increasing the use of our SMART solutions also serves to reduce the amount of driving required.

Environmentally-Friendly Residential Pest Control

We give residential pests ‘the Flick’ with environmentally-friendly application techniques. The products we use are odourless and applied to targeted sites posing low risk to families and pets.

Our ‘new generation’ pesticide products are manufactured to break down overtime, therefore avoiding any potential to compound and build-up in our diverse array of sensitive eco-systems.

Non-Touch Washroom & Hygiene Solutions

Our non-touch washroom solutions not only provide better germ control – they eliminate waste and save on resources.

We also offer disinfection services which kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19*) using a non-toxic and biodegradable disinfectant.

*ARTG 355810