Our Commitment for a Sustainable Future

Flick is your partner in sustainable pest control and hygiene services.

At Flick, we believe it is our duty to contribute positively to the environment, the health of our employees and the Australian community.

Our sustainability goals have tangible targets and include:

  • Reducing the use of biocides in pest control through powerful SMART technology
  • Reducing Co2 emissions, with yearly targets for reduction via the use of zero and low emission vehicles
  • Promoting a safe and healthy workplace for all Flick employees across Australia
  • Being the preferred employer, actively communicating our values and supporting our network

Have you considered pest control as part of your sustainability goals?

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Sustainable Service Offering

As Australia’s leading pest control and washroom hygiene service provider, we offer a range of environmentally friendly, eco-conscious options that can be tailored to suit your home or workplace. Giving you peace of mind against pests and germs without negatively impacting the environment.

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Reducing the Use of Biocides

Getting SMART About Pest Control

We have revolutionised commercial and residential pest control with SMART Digital Pest Control. SMART harnesses data and digital monitoring to eradicate rodents, negating the needs for pesticides which can be toxic to the environment, native wildlife, non-target species, pets, and people.

Since the introduction of SMART Digital Pest Control in 2018 we have installed over 55,000 SMART devices and saved over 10,000 kilos of harmful rodenticides.

In addition to SMART, we continue to give pests ‘the Flick’ with environmentally friendly application techniques. The products we use are odourless and applied to targeted sites posing low risk to humans and pets.

Our ‘new generation’ pesticide products are manufactured to breakdown overtime, avoiding any potential to compound or build-up in our diverse array of sensitive eco-systems.

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Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Future Proofing Our Fleet

As Australia’s no.1 pest control and washroom hygiene company, we require an extensive vehicle fleet to deliver our services. Vehicles emit a substantial amount of carbon dioxide, which has negative impacts on the climate. Our fleet is the largest contributor to direct carbon dioxide emissions.

Since 2019, we have been upgrading to a hybrid electric fleet and currently have over 100 hybrid and electric vehicles in use across Australia, with more to come.

In addition, implementing SMART Digital Pest Control to service sites has reduced the amount of driving required by our technicians compared to basic pest control methods. SMART devices do not require in-person visits for pest monitoring, as data is remotely monitored 24/7.

Being the Preferred Employer

A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Our ability to deliver quality modern pest and hygiene solutions rest on the skills and motivation of our employees. We want all employees to feel their workplace is engaging and offers carer development opportunities.

Our decentralised business model enables members of our Flick Family to grow and progress their careers with the support of training, flexible schedules, and work-life balance.

The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a measure of how likely staff members are to recommend their employer as a place to work. Our aggregated Anticimex Group score for 2021 saw an increase of 8 points year-on-year which we strive to continue.

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Technician wearing appropriate PPE

Promoting a Safe and Healthy Workplace

The Well-Being Of Our Employees

Employees are the most important resource in our organisation, it is essential that we ensure all employees can perform their jobs in a safe fashion.

Our employees face a range of occupational hazards while preforming their daily tasks, from driving to handling biocides and working at heights. Incidents in these areas could lead to personal injury and negative environmental impact.

We offer our employees preventative training relevant to the employees’ field of work, to ensure safe working practices are always in place.

In 2021, the number of incidents per 100 employees that result in an employee not being able to preform their task for 24 hours was 3. This was a 75% decrease year-on-year and we aim to continue this downwards trajectory of minimising preventable injuries through training.

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