This Summer, Get SMART Pest Control for Your Business

As Australian retail around the country returns to full strength over summer, commercial premises are considering their options to fight off pests.

The Australian summer brings flying insects like bees, wasps and flies, as well as creepy crawlies such as rodents, spiders, ants and the dreaded cockroaches. Businesses are a prime target for pests; particularly food retail premises and manufacturing plants where there is a cornucopia of potential food on hand!

Get SMART About Your Business’ Health & Reputation

A damaged reputation can cost you your customers…and your livelihood. Many pests are vectors of disease. According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), rodents and mice carry at least 35 known diseases worldwide, including Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis. Flies and cockroaches can also transmit diseases, while Stored Product Pests and moths can destroy your stock.

Keep your customers safe and join the future of commercial pest protection with Flick SMART Pest Control.  An intelligent system, it uses digital monitoring, sensors and interconnected boxes to trap rodents and other pests such as cockroaches and moths. This incredible combination of automation and human expertise allows us to get a wide-scale pest infestation under control quickly and continue to monitor it remotely.  

Depending on your problem, the SMART system can also be supported by our traditional methods of pest control. Established over 100 years ago, Flick’s team across the country are Australia’s leading experts on keeping your business safe and pest-free.

Stay Compliant with Easy Reporting

The SMART system is not only effective – it allows you to stay compliant and meet your reporting obligations for Australian Food Safety Standards such as HACCP. Your pest control is monitored 24/7 from the SMART Hub, with reports pulled easily from the system when required.

Install a Stylish Commercial Solution for Flies

Combat flies in indoor and outdoor areas with the Flick range of Flying Insect Units. It attracts flying insects through LED light rather than traditional fluorescent lamps. They’re safe to use in food retail, processing, preparation and storage areas.

Designed specifically for kitchens, hotels, food production, offices, cafés, restaurants and shops, the Osprey Flying Insect Units also look great. With a stylish design, they take up little space and can be easily mounted on the wall. Best of all, one tiny unit will cover an area of 100m2. We can supply and service the Osprey Unit for you for around only $40/month + GST.

Contact Flick today for more information on SMART Pest Control and our range of Flying Insect Units. Concentrate on your customers this summer – let us take care of the pests.


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