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Powered by Flick Anticimex, our Amalgamated Pest Control branch in Biloela provides pest control and termite inspections services.


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Trusted household names for decades, Amalgamated Pest Control and Flick Anticimex are proud to provide safe and effective pest control services to homes and businesses in Biloela and its surrounding suburbs. All Timber Pest inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards 4349.0 (2007) and 4349.3 (2010). Merged since 2016, our Biloela offices now operate as one team. Give us a call on 07 4992 1007, to arrange a pest inspection and competitively-priced quote!

Common Pests in Biloela


A prevalent pest in Biloela, home and business owners alike should schedule termite inspections every three to twelve months, depending on the volume of timber in their house/store and whether there is any history of termite infestation. Often clustered in frames and roofs, termites will devour any wooden or cellulose structure they can find, not stopping until they have chewed a hole through your walls and wallet alike. From emergency extermination to liquid perimeter treatments, the trusted techs at Flick Anticimex have the education and experience it takes to protect your home or business. A critical step in construction, inspections are recommended both before and after breaking ground; service is also recommended after flooding, as treatment products can be damaged or washed away in heavy water.


Arguably the cutest of pests, possums are protected by the Nature Conservation Act of 1992 and cannot be harmed or domesticated under federal statute. Rather than pay hefty fines for taking matters into your own hands, contact an expert pest control team to safely remove these pesky pests from your property. Carriers of disease with an appetite for electrical wiring, possums left to their own devices could soon turn your home or business into a veritable trove of disease and disconnected power.


From innocuous species that simply look frightening to the infamy of the highly venomous Redback, spiders are a common appearance in the homes and businesses of Biloela. Experienced in the art of pest control, the team of technicians at Flick Pest Control will treat not only all the places where arachnids hide but their points of entry as well, from cracks, crevices, windows, and doors, to drain pipes, light fixtures, and external breeding grounds. Protect your property and keep your family safe with spider control that works, and lasts.


An all too common sight in Biloela, cockroaches are a blight on homes and businesses alike. From Australian and American varieties to the smaller German species and its nasty habit of invading electrical appliances, cockroaches are extremely difficult to eradicate from your property without proper fumigation tools and techniques. An ugly sight and terrible for people with allergies or asthma, only an expert team of pest control technicians has the know-how to rid your home or business from these ancient insects once and for all. Using a unique combination of bait gels and low-toxicity pesticide fumigation, our methods are not only effective immediately, but safe in the long run.

Rats & Mice

Lovers of subtropical climates like that in Biloela, rats and mice often make their homes under roofs and inside walls, wreaking havoc by gnawing their way through everything in their path on a hunt for feeding and breeding grounds. Scattering droppings as they go that pose a health hazard, a rodent infestation is particularly likely in and around food industries, as well as the common pantry or cellar. Experienced in local pest control, the expert team in Biloela is proud to provide both residential and commercial rodent control, no matter the size or species.

Other Pest Control Services

We are proud to offer a wide variety of pest control services, including but not limited to:

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Amalgamated Pest Control and Flick Anticimex are proud to serve Biloela and its surrounding suburbs. To find out if your home or business is within our service area, give our friendly team a call at 07 4992 1007.

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