■       Wood Moths attack growing trees and so are true forest pests,  Damage from larvae is mostly detected during milling.
■       Woodwasps are also forest pests and not native to Australia, but have been found in Australia.  Damage may be detected by emergence holes in timber, but no treatment is necessary as these pests do not reinfest sawn timbers.
■       Greenwood Longicorns are pests of forest trees and freshly felled logs. 

Their damage is often carried over into buildings.  The beetles can emerge from timber up to 6 months after milling; and when the timber containing larvae or paupae is used in buildings and covered with gyprock or other wall linings, they emerge through large oval holes, causing great concern to property owners.  These borers do not reinfest dry timber so no treatment is necessary.
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■      Ambrosia Beetles (Pinhole borers) attack green (fresh) logs.  They leave stained holes which can degrade the appearance of the timber, but rarely does their presence affect the strength of the timber.  The will not reinfest seasoned timbers.