SMART Digital Pest Control for Homes and Businesses

We’re transforming pest control from a reactive guessing game into a proactive fact-based science.

SMART Digital Pest Control is a proactive, intuitive pest control solution that monitors activity, predicting and preventing costly infestation in an environmentally friendly way. Are you looking for a hassle-free pest control solution that handles all the work? Then SMART is the answer.

SMART is a scalable solution that can be implemented in a residential home or commercial setting, using technology to improve the detection of pests to root out problems as they occur instead of waiting until the infestation is so large it’s noticeable. This use of technology helps reduce the number of preventive rodenticide measures taken, which means less chemicals used overall if any.

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Digital Rodent Monitoring for Your Home

Safe, sustainable solution for your family and pets

Historically, home rodent control involved guessing where rats or mice may or may not be active and then placing rodent traps in hope of attracting and eliminating the problem. With Flick’s SMART digital rodent monitoring, we no longer need to guess or place harmful rodenticide where it may not be needed.

Our digital SMART technology track rodent and pest movements sending the information back to your local Flick branch. Using infrared sensors, we know where the rat or mice pressure is high. If there’s a problem, our professional technicians will place traps in the most effective locations to eliminate the problem.

Our system provides you with peace of mind by monitoring for rodent activity around the clock to eliminate problems before they start, and we do it without using dangerous rodenticides therefore avoiding secondary poisoning in pets.

Looking for additional protection for your home? We offer 24/7 SMART Digital Rodent Monitoring in our Home Protection Plans to provide a non-toxic and effective solution to detect rodent activity in and around your home, alongside regular pest inspections to identify and treat pest infestations before they lead to extensive damage. Customers can choose from our Gold, Silver, or Bronze Plans, with the Gold “Complete” Plan including 24/7 Digital Rodent Monitoring and can be added on to our Silver “Combined” and Bronze “Convenience” Plans. This innovative solution provides peace of mind and a proactive approach to rodent control, making it a valuable addition to our Home Protection Plans.

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SMART Digital Pest Control for Your Business

Intelligent and Non-Toxic Solution

Protect your business and infrastructure with SMART Digital Pest Control. SMART is an intuitive, digital pest control system that keeps an eagle eye on your business; trapping rodents, cockroaches and moths and preventing an infestation before it occurs. It effortlessly keeps an eye on small, medium to large or multi-site premises, continually sending information back to the SMART data hub.

SMART is the next generation of pest control for businesses. Combine SMART automation with our pest control services for integrated, blanket protection against all major pests.

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How SMART Protects Your Home or Business from Rodents and Other Pests

SMART is an environmentally friendly, digital pest control system that constantly monitors for pest activity and is unlike anything on the market today. SMART operates 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide you with peace of mind knowing your home and/or business is rodent-free.

SMART Connect is the “heart of the network” and communicates back to our Data Hub to deliver key information to a SMART reporting system.

When the system detects activity, our technicians instantly react and implement a plan to rectify the pest problem, reducing the use of rodenticides when they are not required, making it pet and family-friendly.

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Successful Pest Control Starts With SMART

Flexible, scalable and suitable for all premises

Our SMART Digital Pest Control system can be customised suit to all premises. Whether it’s for your home, business or a multi-site manufacturing plant, SMART will monitor your premises 24/7. Based on the site inspection, our trained technicians and/or technical team will design a plan customised for your potential pest problems. We use different SMART devices to monitor for pests, enabling us to monitor your site 24 hours a day, 356 days a year remotely.

We’re always monitoring, and we’ll know when you need us! Our expert technicians are ready to schedule a visit whenever we detect a potential problem.

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