Sydney Rodent Control

As Sydney’s leading rodent and pest control provider, we take care of any pest infestation or problems affecting your business or home.

Sydney’s climate and surroundings are an ideal breeding ground for rodents and other pests. Our professionally trained rodent and pest exterminator provide safe and effective treatments targeting affected areas of your property in Sydney.

We offer preventative rats and mice inspections along with a selection of rodent solutions to suit your premises.

Call (02) 8381 1773 immediately to speak to an expert for more information.

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Rodents Treatment Sydney

Rodent control in Sydney for your home and business

Our local technicians have noticed an increase in black rats, mice and brown rats in Sydney city and suburbs.

Rodents carry disease, spoil food and damage belongings and infrastructure. Your property provides shelter, food and water. And, if a male and female move in, you’ll also provide the perfect breeding ground.

We get reports of mice in houses from Sydney city and suburbs. If you see nibble marks in fruit or even through your plastic bread bag, don’t hesitate to treat the problem before it becomes an infestation.

A Flick technician will perform a site analysis to determine the extent of the problem, locate nesting sites and consider environmental conditions. Call (02) 8381 1773.

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Rodent Pest Control Sydney

Rodent pest control in Sydney for your home

Areas of Sydney close to industrial areas, around Silverwater, Lidcombe, provide the perfect environment for rats and mice.

Black rats are excellent climbers, which is why they’re also called roof rats. They nest in wall cavities, trees and burrows in Sydney area. More than one rat can hide well in the roof or walls of your house.

If you suspect you have a rodent problem, book an inspection with Flick to catch all the rodents once and for all.

Signs of rats or mice in your home include

  • Faeces
  • Greasy marks along skirting boards
  • Teeth marks
  • Sounds in the roof at night

Rats spread diseases through their urine and faeces, including leptospirosis (Weil’s disease), salmonella, and E. coli. They also carry ticks that transmit bacterial infections and cause allergic reactions.

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Subscribe & Save With Home Protection Plans in Sydney

Subscribe to our Gold Home Protection plan to protect your home from an extensive range of pests and rodents. With our Gold Home Protection plan you will be protected from pests and rodents 24/7, 365 days a year. More about Home Protection Plans.

We been servicing thousands of local homes in Sydney and surrounding areas for over 100 years. Protect your property from rodents. Call (02) 8381 1773 today.

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SMART Rodent Control Device

Rodent pest control in Sydney for your business

Our SMART technology monitors your property 24/7 for pests, recording and comparing data.

Investing in SMART saves your business money, is good for the environment and puts you in control. Instead of reacting to an infestation, SMART businesses are a step ahead, using a combination of technology and traditional control methods.

  • Avoid contamination and wastage of goods and money.
  • Detects and monitors hard to reach and hidden places.
  • Live reporting data is saved remotely.
  • Traps are non-toxic and collected by Flick technicians.
  • Reputation and stress from rodent infestations are no longer a worry.

Our technicians visit your premises to inspect, assess and identify the risk zones. Strategically placed sensors and traps detect infestations, which we use to create a tailored action plan for you.

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Smart Digital Rodent Monitoring

You can access SMART Digital Rodent Monitoring as part of a Home Protection plan in Sydney. Choose from a range of flexible, monthly treatment plans that provide you, your family and home, year-round protection from pests including rodents. Our Sydney team will strategically install our digital rodent monitoring system in your home, providing you with 24/7 surveillance and detection of rodents without the use of pesticides. If we detect rodent movement, our expert technician in Sydney will visit your home and rectify the problem.

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Reliable Rodent Solutions in Sydney

Flick provides pest control and termite treatment services to homes, body corporates, real estates, commercial properties, schools, government organisations and so much more in Sydney. Our service areas include, but are not limited to, the following suburbs:

Surry Hills, Ultimo, Potts Point, Darling Point, Pyrmont, Bellevue Hill, Point Piper.

If you suspect you have rodents, don’t disturb them. Call (02) 8381 1773 and get your home inspected by a professional now before it’s too late.

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Beware – Rodent Infestations on the Rise in Australia

There has been a concerning rise in rodent infestations across Australia in recent months. The increase in rodent populations can be attributed to various factors such as changes in weather patterns, urbanisation, and lack of effective pest control measures. Rodents not only pose a threat to human health by spreading diseases, but they also cause costly damage to property and agricultural crops. The most effective way to prevent further infestation is to mitigate and prevent rodents on your property. If you encounter any rodents, contact Flick Pest Control immediately. Our licensed technicians will create a tailored and effective rodent pest control solution for your residential or commercial property. With Flick Pest Control, you can trust that your property will be free from rodents and other pests, giving you peace of mind and a clean, safe environment.

Customer Reviews in Sydney

Flick Pest Control Sydney4.4 review us onMiss Melissa HMiss Melissa H ★★★★★ My neighbour had her pest control done recently. I happened to see the technician and asked him a few questions. He was knowledgeable and friendly. Based on this - I will definitely be booking my next pest service with Scott.O DO D ★★★★★ Thanks for sending out Rami, he is a real awesome bloke. I want him to always come out to do the pest control for me and familySeshadri M.Seshadri M. ★★★★★ Scott did an amazing job with our annual termite inspection. He has thorough knowledge and good attention to detail when it comes to testing for termites. Very friendly, approachable and I will be requesting for Scott to do our annual inspection.Carlingford K.Carlingford K. ★★★★★ Scott inspected my house for termites. He was punctual, thorough, and took the time to walk through the findings and options with us. I highly recommend Scott.Stefan Z.Stefan Z. ★★★★★ I used Flick for a preventative treatment of my unit for the first time today as they were doing the strata spraying of my building. My technician, Tim, was right on time, had a friendly and professional manner, and explained the treatments he was going to perform. With well over 10 (14?) years of experience in pest control, he is a true asset to the company 👍🏻Akram H.Akram H. ★★★★★ Thanks for sending Rami, would recommend to anybody very knowledgeable! Thanks FlickNancy M.Nancy M. ★★★★★ Hi Had Scott come round from flick control doing a termite inspection on our home , was very informative efficient and a pleasant young man . Would recommend flick control and if you get a young man named Scott it’s a bonuslynne K.lynne K. ★★★★★ We've been happy with Flick for several years now. Technicians are always professional and thorough. Special thanks to Les Edwards, the Field Service Supervisor who did our last inspection. He was professional, helpful, efficient and approachable. Did a very detailed inspection, gave us good advice.Laura B.Laura B. ★★★★★ Rami has been coming to our home for a general fumigation for years and aside from doing a brilliant and efficient job, he is just so incredibly lovely, warm and professional to deal with. Would highly recommend.Rehan A.Rehan A. ★★★★★ Ahmad shmeissem attended my home for termite inspection and also pest control. Ahmad did a fantastic job and have sound understanding regarding the work he’s doing and very professional. I am happy with the work Ahmad performed.Divanshu S.Divanshu S. ★★★★★ Mr. Ahmed has gone out of his way to make sure our home was sprayed perfectly will highly recommend Ahmed to spray your house. He also took the time to explain how german cockroach breed and where they lay eggs. Friends and family will be using Ahmed from flick. Thank you Mr. Ahmed and flickNymphadora T.Nymphadora T. ★★★★★ I have been with Flick since more than a year now. I am happy with the service and results.I need to mention specifically the guys who came this time , did an exceptional job.Rami and Aiden were amazing and thorough. Rami made sure not a single nook or corner is left untouched. He seemed knowledgeable and passionate about his work. Thanks a lot guys for your service 🤗. Will sure recommend you next time 👍🏻Rogers K.Rogers K. ★★★★★ Tim thank you for such an amazing work you did on our property of 24 units and in my residence today. You are calm gentle and so caring for taking the time to explain all procedures in detail. I am amazed at your work that you did with such efficiency and best practice. Tim you displayed outstanding customer services with your calm gentle manner which makes dealing with trades professional a delight. Highly recommended services and its staff like Tim that makes using this company a total delight.Kishore K.Kishore K. ★★★★★ We got the termite inspection and pest control package recently from Flick. From the person who coordinated on the phone (Janet) till the technician (Dale) who came to our home were very professional and knowledgeable. We only had a couple of days wait time from the date of the service purchase to the date of the termite inspection. We had a great experience with this company so far.On the day of the termite inspection, Dale listened to our requests patently and applied the pest control spray throughly throughout our home. Really appreciate the effort. Special thank to you mate!js_loader

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