Sydney Termite Treatment

Are termites wreaking havoc in your Sydney property? These relentless wood-destroying pests can silently and swiftly compromise your home’s structural integrity, leading to costly repairs and headaches. Don’t let termites take control of your property—fight back with the help of Termites in Sydney! We are your premier termite control and treatment specialists, dedicated to protecting Sydney homeowners from the destructive force of termites.

We understand the unique challenges posed by termites across Sydney. As one of the most experienced termite control companies in the region, we have witnessed the devastating impact termites can have on properties.

Our team of licensed professionals in Sydney are well-versed in the behaviour of local termite species, allowing us to tailor our treatment for your property in your area. Whether it’s a small residential property or a large commercial complex, we have the expertise to tackle any termite infestation.

We take pride in our eco-friendly approach to termite control. Our environmentally responsible methods ensure the safety of your family, pets, and the surrounding ecosystem while effectively exterminating termites from your property. Don’t let Termites take over, call (02) 8381 1773 to speak to a Termite expert for more information.

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Termite Protection in Sydney

Sydney Termite Pest Control

Termites are prevalent all over Sydney due to the city’s warm and humid climate, providing an ideal environment for termite activity. Abundant wood and cellulose materials in urban and suburban areas attract termites, which feed on these sources. Sydney hosts various termite species with unique nesting habits, allowing them to adapt and thrive in different environments.

Urbanisation and construction disrupt termite habitats, leading them to seek shelter in human-made structures. Proximity to bushland areas provides a natural habitat for termites, increasing the chances of encounters.

Some property owners neglect termite prevention, leaving properties vulnerable to infestations. To protect against termite damage, Sydney homeowners should prioritise regular termite pest inspections and implement preventive measures and treatment effectively. Being proactive can help mitigate the risks associated with termite damage to your home.

If you find Termites, DO NOT disturb them, call (02) 8381 1773 to speak to our experts and book a termite pest inspection.

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Termite Damage in Sydney

Termites can cause serious damage

Termites can cause extensive and expensive damage to a home. As they feed primarily on wood and cellulose materials, their presence can weaken the structure of the property. The damage includes structural compromise, furniture destruction, door and window issues, skirting boards and trim damage, electrical and plumbing problems, paper product consumption, compromised insulation, and concealed damage.

To protect a home from termites, it’s crucial to address infestations promptly. Regular termite inspections and swift intervention are essential to prevent further damage. For expert termite control services, homeowners can rely on Flick Pest Control. Our professional team can effectively exterminate termites and implement preventive measures, safeguarding the property from future infestations. Being proactive can save homeowners from significant financial and structural consequences caused by these silent but destructive pests. Don’t wait for termites to cause havoc; call Flick Pest Control today on (02) 8381 1773 for reliable termite treatments and protection.

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How can termites be controlled?

Homeowners can effectively control and prevent termite infestations with our comprehensive approach includes the following key strategies:

Thorough Yearly Termite Inspections

Our trained technicians conduct meticulous termite inspections to identify current infestations and assess the risk of future ones. By identifying termite entry points and potential nesting areas, we can tailor a targeted treatment plan.

Advanced Treatments

Flick Pest Control employs cutting-edge termite control treatment to exterminate termites effectively. Our treatments are safe for your family and pets while ensuring maximum impact on termite populations.

Barrier Treatments

We create a protective barrier around your property using chemical barriers or non-chemical options like physical barriers and baiting systems. These barriers deter termites from entering your home, reducing the risk of infestations.

Monitoring and Baiting Systems

Our termite management plans may include ongoing monitoring and baiting systems. These systems are designed to detect termite activity early and attract termites to targeted baits, which they then carry back to their colonies, effectively eliminating the entire nest.

Regular Maintenance

To ensure long-term protection, our team provides regular maintenance and inspections. We assess the effectiveness of the treatment plan and make any necessary adjustments to keep your property termite-free.

If you suspect you have cockroaches, don’t try to get rid of them yourself. Call (02) 8381 1773 and get your home inspected by a professional now before it’s too late.

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Reliable Termite Treatments across Sydney

Our expert team specialises in comprehensive Termite Inspection and Termite Treatments. Don’t let these pests take over; contact us now for effective cockroach control and reclaim a pest-free environment. Our service areas include, but are not limited to, the following suburbs:

  • Inner West
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Western Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Northern Beaches
  • South West Sydney
  • North West Sydney
  • Blue Mountains

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Termite protection plans for your Sydney home

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We been servicing thousands of local homes across Sydney and surrounding areas for over 105 years. Protect your property from termites. Call (02) 8381 1773 today.

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Customer Reviews in Sydney

Sunny NgSunny Ng
22:06 05 Dec 23
Rami did an excellent and thorough treatment both inside and outside the house. He was very professional and friendly,... and arrived at our door on time. Would definitely request for him again for our next pest inspection and treatment!read more
Jonathan HeadJonathan Head
07:41 07 Nov 23
Flick as always provided us with excellent and on time service at our home. Rami was extremely professional and... respectful of our home and belongings, also bringing service with a smile! we’ll be requesting him for our future Flick more
Natasha DabitNatasha Dabit
00:59 06 Nov 23
Rami came to our house and did the inspection and he was great. He should be supervisor!!! Thanks Rami.
Shannan HeinitzShannan Heinitz
21:50 05 Nov 23
Rami was friendly and professional, a pleasure to do business with.
Daniel MendesDaniel Mendes
23:32 03 Nov 23
Rami was absolutely fantastic as was the whole process from start to finish!
Terunesh RaoTerunesh Rao
18:52 02 Nov 23
Both Mark and Mark were very professional and did an excellent job with the warranty inspection and pest spraying... around the outside of the house. They took the time to explain each step of the process, which put our mind at ease.Great work all round!read more
Bipin KalathilBipin Kalathil
02:36 23 Oct 23
Rami , the technician who visited did a great job and excellent service. He was professional and friendly and gave some... excellent insights on pests. He knows to take care of his customers. !!read more
myanother gmailmyanother gmail
01:52 04 Oct 23
Rami is an extremely amiable individual who performs the job flawlessly. Together with his assistant, he meticulously... covered every nook and cranny of the house to address the pest issue and applied the necessary treatments. I wholeheartedly recommend requesting Rami the next time you seek services from more
03:34 25 Sep 23
Peter Bell was professional and did an amazing job. explained in detail what will happen, what to avoid and what to do... right after. knows the business and his job and extremely pleasant specialist. The best technician we had for 3 years with flickread more
Nikesh ShresthaNikesh Shrestha
23:07 18 Sep 23
Rami from Flick has gone above and beyond to thoroughly go through the pest control points at my place and detected ... two new hidden points to ensure the chemical is run across all the pipes.A truly honest gentleman with exceptional level of customer service.Rami & Les came back the next day and fixed a broken pipe as well.Very much appreciate their service!!!Highly recommended and worth every penny spent!!!read more
Patrick BlakeneyPatrick Blakeney
10:32 11 Sep 23
After some initial service issues, a senior manager from Flick contacted me personally by phone to resolve the matter.... The Flick pest inspection contractor arrived on time and was professional in his approach. Good serviceread more
Sasanka SinhaSasanka Sinha
11:17 06 Sep 23
We are very happy with the Technician, Mr. Dale Andrews, who visited today and carried out the service with... professional approach. Appreciate his quality more
RT GamingRT Gaming
23:54 24 Aug 23
This week I got my 3 yearly termite chemical top up done by rammi. Can I just say, rammi is the epitome of great... customer service. Not only was he thorough,quick and a professional who went about his work like a pro but he is a genuinely nice and fun loving guy. Infact I felt bad that my 4yr old son took up so much of rammis time as he was curious as to what he was helping us with. Rammi took time to explain all the ins and outs to my curious son about his work and my wife and I really appreciated rammis kind personality. Thank you rammi we really enjoyed your service and I really hope flick realise what an excellent employee they have. For anyone who is thinking about using flicks, yea it isn't the cheapest but you know what, these guys know what they are doing and you will sleep well knowing your home is guarded from those pesky Little critters. Thanks rammi. See you next time more
Mallika BhoopasamudramMallika Bhoopasamudram
10:00 20 Jul 23
Flick was responsive to my enquiry and sent a technician the next day. Nick from Flick was friendly, answered all our... questions thoroughly and provided excellent service. I was pleased with this experience and would highly recommend Flick to my family and more
Haylee EmmaHaylee Emma
09:54 18 Jul 23
Always been happy with Flick’s service. Our recent contractor Mark Burke was especially friendly, respectful, efficient... and helpful! 5 stars from me!read more
J HoodJ Hood
05:32 03 Jul 23
Thorough, comprehensive service provided by Mark Burke. Excellent customer service, very polite, and explained... everything he was doing. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great pest control more
Mahesh BhagwateMahesh Bhagwate
09:27 30 Jun 23
Mark Burke is a very professional guy, he takes his time to listen and understand the requirements and accordingly... completes the service thoroughly. He is very knowledgeable and shares handy tips on pest control. We are pleased by the service he has provided us, thank you, more
Hai NguyenHai Nguyen
23:39 23 Jun 23
I've been a customer of Flick for the last 2 years and I find it's easy to deal with them. When they came to my... property and started doing their job, they also gave me suggestions of what I should do to prevent pest coming back, and some tips which I could do on my own to protect my property. My last time dealing with Nick was a pleasant. He is a funny and humble gentleman. He showed me what to do to prevent rodents getting into the house and answered all of my concerns. I am extremely happy with him and will definitely stay with Flick for a longer more
Neil JayasekeraNeil Jayasekera
00:21 22 Jun 23
Both Phil & Anthony who arrived at our property on time as promised did an excellent job. I cannot thank them enough!... Brilliant service guys. Most importantly you both were very respectful and friendly and did your work without any fuss. Thanks! Regards Neilread more
Mostaque AhmedMostaque Ahmed
01:47 14 Jun 23
Santos, the technician offered a very professional and responsive service. He conducted a very good inspection and... explained everything required. Hope he continues inspecting our property in the future. Best wishes to more
Michael SalmonMichael Salmon
20:56 06 Jun 23
We have been using Flick for the servicing of our hand sanitiser's and toilet deodorisers for approximately six years... now and the service is faultless , Madison is the main service person and carries out her duties with care and professionalism . I would highly recommend both the company and Madison in the way they conduct them self's .read more
teresa nweteresa nwe
12:01 29 May 23
Tech Jaffar attended our property for spray. Nice young fella who helped my old mum with her furniture and did an... excellent job. He gave lots of helpful tips and recommendations too. Highly recommended. Would request for him more
Sue HoptonSue Hopton
01:33 25 May 23
This is the second year in a row that we have requested our technician Mohammad Hakim. He is a true gentleman, always... on time, polite and very professional. Great service. Would definitely recommend Mohammad and flick. Will be requesting Mohammad again next more
Richard WibisonoRichard Wibisono
04:20 15 Oct 22
Sept-23: Dale comes and did a wonderful job. He sprayed inside and outside the house, blow dust inside the roof,... explain findings and advise the cautions.oct-22: Naveed comes and listen to our inquiries. He examine carefully and applied the treatnlment well. I can see most of spiders and bugs has fall down immediately. Great services and well more
Alyise RobergeAlyise Roberge
00:13 18 Sep 22
Shannon was polite, professional, and educated us both on a few things firstly so that he could conduct the inspection... to the needs that suited us and our own preferences.Most technicians I deal with will arrive, do the work and leave with no conversation or involvement to you at all. Shannon was definitely eager to ensure that we were part of the experience as well as making sure we understood what our available options wereYes we have had other companies come out and conduct their own works, but I feel confident that Flick can be our go-to now, thank you Shannon!read more
Margaret O'ConnorMargaret O'Connor
08:44 28 Aug 22
I have used the services of this company for many years and have only had positive experiences with them from booking... the job through to completion. I have never had to call them back for an imcomplete job or any ongoing issues with pest control.Marcelo is the technician who completed my services the last couple of years and I cannot speak highly enough of his professional manner from start to finish of the work. I would not hesitate to recommend Marcelo and this company to family & more
Ash ChandAsh Chand
11:19 13 Aug 22
Darren from Flick attended my place at Denham Court and sprayed both floors of the house, outside including the fencing... and the roof space. He was very polite and helpful. They offer a great service at a very competitive price, easy to book on the more
Brandi ClarkBrandi Clark
03:15 09 Aug 22
Marcelo was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He is very friendly and was able answer all questions we had as... well as took the time to explain. All recommendations. The work was done promptly and efficiently and we would not hesitate to recommend Marcelo and Flick Sydney in the futureread more
James TungJames Tung
04:27 05 Aug 22
I had my termite inspection carried out yearly by Flick and without exception I enjoyed the professional and thorough... service from Flick. Today Nicholas came to my home for the first time and he patiently listened to my questions, called office to obtain records of previous services in order to give me the facts and then he went on with the inspection. After completion he gave me a summary of his findings. I was again satisfied by the services of more
01:53 19 Jul 22
We booked flick for general pest serviceThe good think that the technician arrived on time as promised. He was very... thorough with his job and gave us very helpful recommendations to follow. The technician named Samir had load of knowledge and very professional. I highly recommend Flick and this technicianread more