Professional help is not the only option

Is professional pest control worth the expense? You would think that, as a pest control company, our answer would always be yes. However, we value absolute honesty and transparency in our relationships with our customers, so we cannot tell you that professional pest control is always the way to go. Sometimes a DIY solution may be just what you need to get your pest problem under control. Other times, DIY solutions are not only ineffective but can actually make your problem worse by giving you a false sense of success and hiding the infestation growing in hidden parts of your home.

When it is time for DIY?

When is a DIY solution the right one? DIY solutions for people who do not frequently use their yards but want a pest-free yard, a combination of yard foggers and citronella candles may be enough to keep the pests away for the event.

However, DIY solutions are not the right approach if you’re kids play in the backyard and you want to protect your family and home. Part of the reason for this is that large scale DIY approaches usually involve poisons that target insects or rodents. Many people think that more is better and may use too many toxins when dealing with a large infestation, putting their family and pets at risk.

DIY solutions are also no-goes for certain pests. Both termites and bedbugs are notoriously difficult to detect and kill, but can cause major problems for a household. If you suspect you have either of these pests, you will almost certainly spend less money in total if you skip the attempts to DIY and go straight to professional pest control. Flick now offers a flexible monthly subscription service that you complete coverage form major pests. You can choose from four different plans to suit your home or lifestyle.

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