No one wants rodents in their office building. While rodents can get into almost any space they are determined to enter, the presence of even a single rodent can destroy customer confidence in your business. For example, if your business is in the foodservice or hospitality industry, rodents can make your business seem unhygienic. Even if your business is entirely unrelated to anything with cleanliness, rodents can convince people not to use your goods or services. Therefore, you need to keep rodents away.

How do you do that? The key to eliminating rodents, for one, is prevention.

While rodents are small enough to get into many different places, they are attracted to sites that offer them easy access to three things:

· Food
· Water
· Shelter

Doing a thorough review of your property will help you identify whether you have those resources available for them. Basic rodent prevention means protecting food stores, eliminating water leaks or other potential water sources, and getting rid of unused items that rodents could use for shelter.

Keep Rodents Out of Your Office Building with SMART Pest Control

Once you have taken steps to make your workspace less inviting to rodents, it is time to implement a detection and eradication plan. Flick’s SMART digital pest control system offers 24/7 remote monitoring of your premises. Combined with responsive pest control placement, this monitoring lets us see rodent problems before they have the chance to become infestations. This helps to ensure that we target the right locations in your building with our non-toxic solutions.

Many people are rightly concerned about the environmental impact of old-school rodenticides. However, our SMART system does not use poisonous bait. Instead, we use local food sources to attract rodents to our euthanasia stations. These catch units eliminate rodents humanely, without posing a threat of poison for people.

We do not set the traps for you to check; instead, we handle every aspect of the system. We will install, surveil, maintain, and tweak the system, giving you the peace of mind that your space has constant monitoring from rodents, cockroaches and moths. It is small enough to detect rodent presence in “blind spots” where rodents may hide but are unlikely to be seen through human observation. When the SMART system detects the presence of rodents, it reports it immediately to our monitors, who can then make real-time determinations about any necessary changes for your system. The result? You get a hands-off solution that will continue to keep your business free from rodents and other pests.

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