Summer is here and with it lots of flying pests. One of the creepiest of those freaky flyers is the flying cockroach. These animals are not usually considered a biting pest; they are just gross. They spread disease, they look creepy, and they can contaminate your food sources and other surfaces. We have such a visceral reaction to these bugs because they are so linked with dirtiness and disease.

Flying Cockroaches

Not all cockroaches fly. Many species only crawl. However, some can fly. When they are cornered, they seem to fly right at you. Sometimes it even seems like they are trying to fly into your mouth, nose, ears, or eyes. That increases your chances of getting a disease, but is probably a small risk. Just like with other cockroaches, the real risk of disease from cockroaches comes from them climbing on your surfaces.

Local Cockroaches

In Australia and New Zealand, we have many of the same cockroach species that you will find in other parts of the South Pacific. They include approximately 450 of the 4500+ species of cockroaches that you can find worldwide. Some of these cockroaches are major household pests. Others, you hardly ever see because they are primarily outside. In New Zealand and Australia, the most prevalent pest species of cockroaches include the German, Smokey Brown, Oriental, Brown-banded, American, and Australian cockroaches. Not all of those cockroaches fly. There are four flying species that are the main flying pests. They include the Australian, American, Smokey Brown, and Brown-banded varieties.

Cockroaches Are Lurking Everywhere

It may see dramatic, but the reality is that you can find cockroaches almost everywhere. Some species are primarily outdoor roaches, while others like to make their homes inside. Most flying cockroaches are outdoor species. However, cockroaches are opportunistic pests. Even species that prefer to stay outside will take advantage of inviting conditions inside your home. They will come inside to search for food or water.

Whether indoor or outdoor, the cockroaches look for hidden spaces. They hide in the dark. They scurry to and fro. They also fit into extremely small spaces. You can find them under appliances, under sinks, and in other hidden areas.

Flying cockroaches may seem to dive-bomb people because of how they fly. They are short-distance flyers. They glide as much as they fly, starting at higher distances and moving to lower heights. They fly to avoid threats, which means they may often fly towards you.

Flick can get rid of cockroaches. Our SMART system can track evidence of cockroaches so that we can tailor a pest control program for you.

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