If you’ve just had a pest control treatment or are looking to book a treatment soon, here’s what you’ll need to know after the services has been completed.

Different outcomes for different pest treatments

Ants, Cockroaches, and Silverfish
As ants, cockroaches, and silverfish encounter the treatment, you may see an increase in pest activity. This is normal as the pests are being driven from their usual hiding places. Our technical pest team can reassure customers that this activity will reduce over several weeks if the treatment was applied properly and recommendations were properly followed by the customer.

Rats and Mice
Rodent treatments may take a little longer. The full effects of a rodent treatment may take up to one month to be seen. Signs of rodent activity should lessen within 1 week and eventually cease after a few weeks.

Spiders are immediately affected by our treatment. Some spiders that may have recently wandered onto your property will not be eradicated immediately, and if still alive, are capable of biting people and pets. Please allow a few days to see the full effects of the treatment.

Cleaning ‘wait’ period after treatment

Our technical pest team recommends waiting approximately 5-7 days before cleaning your home. However, if it is imperative that you clean within the waiting period, it is recommended to leave 10-15cm around any skirting boards in your home to avoid washing away any products. Exteriors of windows and doors (where treated for spiders) should be given 1 to 2 weeks before cleaning off the residues.

Do I need a follow-up treatment?

As we are controlling and managing the pest problem, the increased pest activity will subside if all recommendations are followed. However, a follow-up treatment may be needed. If so, it will be recommended by your technician on-site. For example, we generally recommend follow-up treatments for German cockroach infestations due to the pervasive nature of the pest.

If pest activity has not subsided after a few weeks, please contact your local branch.

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