You Might Have Bed Bugs! 2 out of 3 people won’t develop any symptoms to a bedbugs bite, how can you tell if you have them?

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests in existence. In fact, Anticimex, Flicks parent company derives its name from its fight against the little crawlers. Literally Anticimex translate from Swedish to “Against (Anti) Bed Bugs (Cimex). By the 1950’s, bed bugs had been driven to all but extinction, due largely in part to DET chemicals. Unfortunately, side affects of these chemicals had significant negative impacts upon humans, and as such the chemicals were banned and phased out. Because of this there was a resurgence of bed bugs at the end of the last century, and they have once again become a common problem. Surprisingly, unlike Cockroaches, poor hygiene plays little part in attracting an infestation. Bed Bugs will infest a room that has never been cleaned just as likely as a pristine room in a 5 star hotel. They are also difficult to spot, being quite small, and adept hiders, especially in mattresses. Here’s how to know if you have an infestation:


Red Bite Marks

Bedbugs can leave a red, itchy mark behind after making a bite, often on the arms or neck. Finding some bites on your person or someone else from your home is a good, although not definitive start. That said, 2 out of 3 people won’t develop any symptoms to a bed bugs bite. No red marks, no itchiness, nothing. That’s because not everyone reacts to the bite of the bedbug.




You might notice their droppings, which appear as small dark spots on sheets, mattresses, bed frames, pillows and quilts, and any other areas close to where humans sleep. Regular checking on bedding and sheets will make sure you find their evidence before you sleep in it.



The Insect itself!

The final definitive confirmation of a bedbug infestation is the discovery of the insect itself or its exuviae (remnants of the cuticle discarded when mounting). These can quite hard to find especially if they infest a mattress, as they are small enough to get inside the mattress itself. Other hotspots can include behind bedside tables and other furniture near where people sleep or sit.



If you’ve found an actual live bed bug,

the time to start treating was yesterday. This is because bed bugs multiply quickly. The best thing you can do is call the professionals! Flick is well prepared to handle all levels of Bed Bug infestations, so give us a call on 1300 270 019 to discuss how we can begin eradicating your bed bug problem

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