While rodents are a year-round problem, if you think that your rodent problem gets worse in the winter, you are probably right. Winter temperatures drive rodents inside. They seek out the warmth of our homes and offices. They also head inside to search for food, when colder outdoor temps make it less likely for them to find food outdoors.

What is the best way to keep your building free from rodents? Exclusion is a time-honored solution. To keep rodents out of your building, you need to seal up any holes. Mice can get through extremely small spaces. In fact, if you have a hole bigger than the eraser on a pencil, a mice can get inside! Even much larger rats can get through small spaces. So, securing your perimeter is a great first step.

What if you cannot completely practice exclusion? If you have a commercial building, it can almost be impossible to completely secure it against winter pests. This is especially true for warehouses or other large areas with loading doors or frequently open doors. If a rodent can sneak inside, it will find your building a great place to spend the winter.

You can look for rodents, but they can be difficult to spot. Some signs of rodents are a musky odor, tracks, feces, smudges, urine stains, and scurrying sounds. You might also notice things that have been damaged by rodents, such as chewed up boxes, papers, and even wires and pipes. Of course, the surest sign of a rodent is if you spot one. However, rodents are masters at hiding. If you spot one, there is a good chance you have a whole infestation.

Fortunately, Flick has a solution to your rodent problem. Our revolutionary SMART system lets you see into those dark and hard-to-spot places where rodents hide. Our cameras detect pest activity, including rodents. We monitor the systems 24/7, so we can see rodent presence before it becomes a rodent problem.

Of course, seeing rodents is only the first part of the solution. The next part is getting rid of them. SMART allows us to set traps where rodents are traveling and gives us the flexibility to respond to changing rodent movement patterns. Our SMART traps are also safe to use. Using locally sourced bait, the SMART traps attract rodents to them. Once in the trap, they are euthanized without the use of poisons that could contaminate your building. With our monitoring system, we know when traps are full, so we can come and remove the rodents.. The result is a hands-free, trouble-free rodent solution for you!

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