Rodents can be the death knell for a business. If customers or clients see rodents or evidence of rodents, such as rodent droppings, then they make the assumption that your business is not following hygiene standards. This can make you lose customers entirely if hygiene is mission-critical to your business, for example, if you operate a restaurant or other food-based business. However, even if you are in a different type of business, the reality is that rodents leave a bad impression on potential customers. Add to that the fact that rodents can cause significant destruction to a building and most people realise that preventing and managing rodents is one of the top priorities for anyone who owns or manages a building.

Old School Methods to Prevent and Manage Rodents

In the old days, this was handled with a very straightforward and broad-based approach. Place lots of very toxic bait in a number of locations around the building and hope for the best. In terms of rodent control, this is not necessarily a bad approach, especially if you also remove other potential food sources. However, the more we learn about the impact of those toxins, not just on the targeted rodents, but on the larger ecosystem, on pets, and on humans, the more reluctant people are to use them.

Out With the Old and In With the New

Fortunately, with Flick SMART Digital Pest Control, we offer comprehensive poison-free approaches to rodent prevention and management. It starts with an assessment of your building, where our technicians look for existing evidence of rodents and also for possible places for future rodent infestations. Once we have that information, we can build a personalized strategy that is designed for your particular location and includes information about the building itself, as well as the types of uses for the building.

Our extermination plans use a combination of SMART boxes and sensors. We design our systems for the highest-risk areas, install them, and monitor them in real-time to ensure that we are actually getting the targeted response. Regular monitoring and inspection not only ensure the removal of the rodents from our non-poisonous SMART boxes but also allows us to tweak our system to ensure that it is constantly operating at the highest efficiency.

For business owners, the Flick approach is as easy as rodent prevention and management can be. We handle all parts of the process and, with our monitoring systems in place, can respond to new threats in a timely manner, often before you even suspect a problem.

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