European Wasp Alert in Australia

News 23-03-2015 With the current weather pattern there has been a rapid increase in the activity of European wasps. The most effective way to combat wasps is to destroy the nest. This sounds easy, but it is not.

First of all, the nest must be located and treated and sometimes this can be up to 200metres from where the wasps are congregating. Once the nest is found a licensed Pest Control Technician will have the proper chemicals and protective equipment to treat accordingly.

If you are attempting to treat the nest yourself you must clear the area of humans and animals. You must be fully protected and covered from head to toe including boots and gloves. The reason for this is: once the nest is disturbed the wasps will attack in an effort to protect their nest.

They will attack moving targets, i.e. animals and humans who may be running from the area. If you think you are allergic to bees or wasps, do not attempt to treat the wasp nests yourself.

To reduce the risk of wasp stings

  • Always wear shoes when walking on grassed areas.
  • When eating food outdoors check each mouthful of food before consuming, a wasp maybe on the food particle.
  • Any cans of lemonade, alcohol, flavoured milk, orange juice etc should be poured into a glass or a see through plastic mug and consumed this way. This will enable wasps to be seen before the container is placed to the mouth. If a person is stung to the throat area it will cause swelling and could lead to possible choking.
  • Always clean and remove dog or cat food bowl’s from outside areas. As meat along with sweet drinks are a wasp favorite, these objects need to be removed from outdoor areas when not in use.
  • All rubbish bins should have plastic liners and have lids closed at all times. Don’t attempt to swat or annoy wasps that are hovering around food or drinks, as they are attracted to moving objects and may attack if provoked.

Published: 23-03-2015

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