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Pest Control Adelaide

The premier provider of safe and effective pest control in Adelaide, Flick Anticimex is proud to be a household name across Australia for over 100 years.


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We provide residential and commercial pest control treatment all over Adelaide, including:

  • Glenelg
  • Gawler
  • Henley Beach

With a local staff who know Adelaide like the back of their hand, our team of experts is equipped to provide safe and effective treatment for pests and infestations of all shapes and sizes. Give us a call on 08 8133 1200, to arrange your inspection and evaluation today.

Common Pests in Adelaide


The unfortunate home to a multitude of cockroach species, Adelaide residents and visitors are apt to find Australian, American, and German varieties scuttling across their home’s or business’ floor. Liable to trigger asthma and allergy attacks, droppings can also pose a serious threat to human health; furthermore, smaller species are liable to invade electrical appliances, not only ruining them but creating a risk of fire. At Flick, our unique combination of cockroach bait and low-toxicity fumigation will ensure that your home or business is rid of these archaic insects once and for all.


Though they may look adorable, possums are liable to be a terrible nuisance once they have infiltrated your property. Not only will these skittering marsupials keep you awake at night as they careen across your attic floor, but their droppings and urine can pose serious consequences to your health. Due to their protected status under South Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Act, DIY attempts to harm or exterminate them will result in heavy fines; rather, contact a licensed pest manager to safely trap and relocate the culprit.

Rats & Mice

Lured by the relative warmth of Adelaide’s climate, rodents such as rats and mice are wont to overrun your home or business for their own. Chewing their way through your foundation and furniture in an attempt to feed and breed, these pesky pests will wreak havoc on your property, not to mention potentiate the spread of disease. Restaurants and those who live near them should be especially wary, and particularly proactive when it comes to regular maintenance and inspection. Equipped to provide both residential and commercial treatment in Adelaide, the expert pest control team at Flick Anticimex is happy to inspect and treat homes and businesses alike for rodent control.


Not only a scary sight to behold, arachnids such as the venomous Redback spider can have serious implications for human health and safety. Infamous for hiding in the shadows, only an expert pest control technician can effectively locate all the cracks, crevices, doorways, and pipes where spiders lie in wait. A necessity for homes and businesses alike, spider control treatment is recommended as both a removal and preventative measure.


Apt to chew through your home and wallet alike, termites thrive in the wet winters to which Adelaide is privy. While the actual frequency of inspection will depend on your home’s composition, any house or building that is made of or with wood should undergo at least an annual evaluation. Proliferate colonizers of roofs and timber frames, termites will invade and infest your property without proper and preventive care. Seek professional pest control before buying a new home, as well as after any major natural disaster.

Other Pest Control Services

Our Adelaide team offers a wide range of pest control solutions that can get rid of stubborn household pests such as the following:

Adelaide Service Area

Flick Pest Control serves homes across all of Adelaide and surrounding areas, including the following Adelaide suburbs.

  • Brighton
  • Burnside
  • Edwardstown
  • Elizabeth
  • Enfield
  • Gawler
  • Glenelg
  • Golden Grove
  • Henley Beach
  • Marion

  • Mawson Lakes
  • Mount Barker
  • Norwood
  • Port Adelaide
  • Salisbury
  • Seacliff
  • Semaphore
  • Stirling
  • Tea Tree Gully
  • Unley

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