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Pest Control Bundaberg

Our local pest controllers provide safe and effective pest control services in Bundaberg, with Flick being a trusted household name in Queensland for decades.


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Dedicated to safe and effective pest control services in Bundaberg, Flick Anticimex and Amalgamated Pest Control have been a trusted household name in Australia for decades. A local team of experts who know your area, all inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0 (2007) and 4349.3 (2010).

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We have a local team of experts who know your area, and are able to provide a safe and effective pest treatment for your home. In September 2016, Flick Anticimex merged with Amalgamated Pest Control (APC) and the existing APC offices now operate as one Flick team! Give one of our Bundaberg team a call on 07 4401 8047, where we can arrange a pest inspection and quote you a competitive price.

Common Pests in Bundaberg


Prone to termites, homes and businesses in Bundaberg are at an especially high risk of an invasion of these wood-eating insects. Chewing a home through your property and wallet alike, early detection and eradication is critical in any structure made of or with timber. Inspections are recommended during construction, after flooding, and every three to twelve months depending on the volume of wood in your house or store. Following each inspection, our expert team will provide comprehensive chemical treatment and offer recommendations for ongoing monitoring. Evrey home or business receives a detailed plan tailored specifically to your property’s needs and function, saving you thousands in future repair costs.


From harmless varieties that simply look scary to the highly venomous Redback, spiders are one of the most common pests encountered in Bundaberg. At Flick Anticimex, we endeavour to rid your home of these eight-legged critters, and provide a comprehensive range of services uniquely suited to arachnid identification and eradication. From checking feeding grounds to wiping away breeding grounds, our expert team will scan cracks, crevices, windows, doors, and drain pipes to make sure that your property – and family – is safe.


From the larger American and Australian species to the smaller German variety and its predilection for invading electrical appliances, cockroaches are one of the most ubiquitous of all Bundaberg bugs. Unfortunately, these ancient insects are tough to kill (let alone eradicate an entire population!). An expert in the field for over 100 years, Flick Anticimex has a uniquely integrated approach to cockroach extermination that ensures your home or business will stay pest-free for years to come. With a combination of bait gels and low-toxicity pesticide fumigation, you can rest assured that these creepy crawlies will be gone for good.

Rats & Mice

An all too common sight in Bundaberg, rats and mice thrive in tropical climates. Often found nesting in roofs and walls, rodents are apt to cause immense structural damage, not to mention spread disease through droppings. Particularly if you live near a restaurant or other food-related business, your risk of an infestation is exponentially increased. Proud to offer expert rodent control solutions for residential and commercial properties alike, you can trust the team at Flick Anticimex to rid your home or business from these furry critters once and for all.

Additional Pest Control Services

The expert team of techs at Flick Bundaberg is proud to provide a full array of pest control services, including but not limited to:

Bundaberg Service Area

Flick pest control service households across all of Bundaberg and further East to the Sunshine Coast and surrounds including the following Brisbane suburbs.

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