So, you know you have Fleas, after reading our blog about how to tell if you have fleas, you’ve found bites on your pet or you’ve actually seen the little blighters themselves. Not only is the itching driving your pet crazy, its driving you crazy. You want them gone. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers, it will require a coordinated effort. How do you remove them?



Step 1. Call Flick.

Arrange for a Tech to come out. Don’t wait to finish the other steps in this list. Most of the to-do items have to be done on the day of treatment, so the longer you delay booking someone, the more you’ll have to wait to finally be rid of them.


Step 2. Suck up the suckers.

Bust out the old vacuum and vacuum as much as you can. A brush head will be even more effective. We recommend trying to vacuum at least once per day until you know the fleas are gone. Their small bodies make them vulnerable to the sucking power of the vacuum and regular vacuuming is the best thing you can do to keep their numbers down.



Day of Treatment


Step 1. Mow the lawn and water it.

Mowing and watering increases the efficacy of the pesticide on the lawn, which is an important area to treat as the larvae fleas live outside in the ground. This is often where fleas start before they piggy-back into the home on a pet.


Step 2. Clean all bedding and other materials that pets have contacted with.

Anything that pets rest on or use needs to be washed and cleaned thoroughly to ensure any fleas are killed and removed.



Step 3. Make note of important locations.

Be sure to tell the technician treating all the areas the pet travels and rests on. This is important as the technician will focus on these areas a being more problematic because of their exposure to fleas by pets.



Step 4. Have your pets treated by a vet.

Take your pets into a veterinarian and have them treated for fleas. Whilst they’re being treated, vacuum the car and clean any material in the car the pet had contact with



After treatment

Continue vacuuming daily until your pest technician gives you the green light that the fleas have been eradicated. This normally occurs one to two weeks after treatment. In more severe infestations, a second treatment may be required, in which case we recommend following the day of treatment steps again.

Unfortunately, due to their size and ability remain undetected, there’s no easy way to eradicate fleas out of the home. This is why it’s important to treat and act as soon as you detect them, the more there are the harder they will be to eliminate.


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