Fleas have been out of control in Brisbane recently. Our warm and humid climate is ideal for fleas. That is because fleas need humidity for their eggs to hatch and survive. So, they like to infest our homes to find a cosy place to live.

Unlike other pests, you may never see any signs of fleas. They are tiny insects that are difficult to see unless they jump from person to person. You may also notice them on your socks or pant legs if you have a severe infestation. However, watching your pets’ behavior is the easiest way to see them. Suppose your pets are scratching more than usual, seem uncomfortable, or have allergic reactions impacting their skin. In that case, fleas are the most likely culprit.

There are a ton of flea-control products on the market. However, many products you find in stores are no longer effective. That is because fleas have evolved to tolerate them. So, you may need to turn to your veterinarian for help. They can prescribe the most advanced flea treatments to keep your pets pest-free.

In addition to treating your pets, you want to treat your home. If you do not, your pets will simply get reinfested. At Flick, we have state-of-the-art treatments designed to kill fleas much more effectively than anything you can purchase at the store. Our products are not as messy as flea bombs and other DIY approaches. We treat your home and your yard because if your home has fleas, your yard almost certainly has them, too.

It can be tempting to ignore fleas in your Brisbane home. After all, these parasitic insects rarely bother humans. However, that is a big mistake. Flea bites can make pets miserable and lead to hair loss, itching, swelling, and even anemia. In addition, they can spread diseases like typhus and other predators like tapeworms. Your pets deserve better. Plus, once the flea problem gets severe enough, the pets will no longer be sufficient to feed them, and you will find the fleas attacking you! So, contact Flick today and let us help you eliminate your flea problem.

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