If food is part of your business, then you know that you have to adhere to Australia’s food safety standards. While they can sometimes seem like onerous rules that make it more difficult to do business, food safety standards are designed to help reduce the likelihood of foodborne illnesses. These universal standards help ensure that customers receive food that is safe to eat. Obviously, keeping food free from any type of waste, hairs, or parts of pests that frequently infest kitchens plays an important role in food safety.

Unfortunately, there is a conflict between keeping kitchens, food prep areas, dining areas, and retail areas free from pests and adhering to food safety standards. Many of the products used to eliminate pests are toxic and are not safe to use where food is stored, prepared, sold, or consumed. Therefore, many businesses may find themselves struggling with adhering to food safety standards while also minimising toxin exposure for their customers.

At Flick, we know how important it is to be able to control pests in a way that does not introduce poisons or other toxins into food prep areas, as well as in a manner that does not result in visible trapped pests. Our Commercial Pest control programs are designed to integrate seamlessly into your business, providing pest control that makes your efforts to sanitise and clean easier, not more difficult.

The cornerstone of Flick’s commercial pest control program is our SMART system. We start with a thorough assessment of your business, which looks at the places where you are likely to see pest infestations, as well as in the hidden places where pests love to hide. After determining whether you have a pest issue in your business and identifying which, if any, types of pests are present, we come up with a comprehensive plan that is personalised to your business. We then focus on the installation of your personalised SMART system.

Flick’s SMART system uses technology to monitor for the presence of pests, allowing for real-time monitoring of potential pest issues. This lets us know where to install the sensors and traps to provide more effective and efficient pest control solutions. Even more important, we utilise non-toxic, environmentally-friendly attractants and humane non-poison based extermination methods, eliminating the possibility that any food prep or storage areas would be contaminated by your pest control efforts.

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