Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a café owner or canteen owner, you must keep an eye out for any rodents, cockroaches, flies, stored product pests, or a combination of these pests on your premises.

You will most likely find these pests swarming around food or moisture sources. Cockroaches prefer hiding near and under fridges, ovens and any other appliance radiating warmth, whilst rodents may hide in sewerage pipes and in roof or wall cavities. Unlike the other pests, you’ll find stored product pests in pantries or storage areas where there are dried foods, like cereals, rice, and other foods consisting of grains.

What are the consequences of pests in restaurants?

The presence of pests in your business put your staff and customers at significant health risk due to the bacteria harboured on cockroaches, flies and rodents. Stored product pests are also hazardous as they spoil food and even produce a pungent smell on affected foods. If food authorities find any of these pests on your premises, you may face penalties and punishment. To avoid these penalties, restaurant owners must ensure the following are not present on the premises:

  • Live or dead pests;
  • Evidence of harbourage;
  • Evidence of breeding;
  • Failure to prevent entry of pests;
  • Inadequate or no pest control program; and
  • Evidence of droppings or smears within food storage or food handling areas.

Ten pest control tips for restaurant and café owners

  1. Ensure the stored dry foods are not expired or past their use-by date
  2. Ensure all foods are stored in their appropriate places. All dry foods must be in air tight containers and ingredients must not be left exposed on bench tops when not in use.
  3. Make sure your kitchen area is properly ventilated as stored product pests love hot and humid conditions (except for the primary grain pests, the Rice and Granary Weevils, who are only found in cooler regions of Australia).
  4. Use lined bins with a functioning lid and ensure they’re regularly emptied.
  5. Clean up any food spills or crumbs. At the end of the day, clean the kitchen thoroughly and do not leave any wet food inside the sink.
  6. Keep all windows and doors closed, and if you have fly screens installed on windows or doors, make sure they are intact without holes or openings. If there are doors that do not have door sweeps, we recommend investing in them to eliminate this entrance point.
  7. Seal any holes or cracks in your kitchen, regardless of how small or insignificant they may seem as German Cockroaches can pass easily through these crevices.
  8. Ensure your floor drains are not clogged up as this can attract flies, cockroaches and rodents. Clean your drain regularly.
  9. Carefully inspect any incoming food deliveries as many cardboard boxes can harbour small German cockroaches.
  10. Work together with neighbouring restaurants or business owners to keep the shared dumpster area clean.

If you find pests on the premise, call Flick Anticimex immediately to deal with the issue. We can safely and effectively eradicate pests from your restaurant, cafe, canteen or other food related business. Just call us at 1300 270 019!