While some businesses are closed or remain partially opened to the public due to COVID-19, they may be focusing on cost-saving measures. Companies around Australia are dramatically cutting their utility usage, reducing the frequency of cleanings, and otherwise cutting back to reduce carrying costs. One thing some businesses have done is to reduce or eliminate their regular pest control services. On the surface, this may seem like a reasonable step. With no customers coming into buildings, the thought maybe that pests are less likely to enter.

However, pests are loving these quasi-empty commercial spaces. Pest populations are on the rise because to live, feed, and breed in spaces that otherwise would have been inhospitable. This is a significant problem for businesses that are usually attractive to pests, such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, cinemas, and hotels. What people may not realise is that it is also creating pest problems for businesses that are not ordinarily attractive to pests, as they are going further in their searches for food. What makes matters worse is that the short reproductive cycles of common pests like rats and mice mean that a cursory investigation by a single rodent on the hunt for food can become a full-blown infestation within a matter of weeks. Left unattended, this can make your business unsuitable for opening when given the go-ahead.

Flick can help you keep your business safe from pests, so that you can be customer-ready as soon as we get the news that businesses can resume as normal. We do this through a prevention program that involves inspecting for areas of access, blocking access points, looking for infestations, and targeting any pests that may already be present.

A cornerstone of our prevention and extermination programs is Flick’s SMART Pest Control system. SMART is an innovative program that is designed to detect where pests are present. We use remote digital monitoring to determine areas of rodent activity and strategically place multi-catch bait stations in those areas to quickly and safely eradicate your rodent problem.

While we cannot do anything about business interruptions because of COVID-19, the pandemic has not altered our dedication to our customers. We can help you protect your business so that you are ready when conditions are safe. To find out if SMART is suitable for your business simply call 1300 270 019.

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