A rodent infestation at your place of business is not only a skin-crawling thought, but an unpleasantly common problem that can take a serious toll on your bottom line. Rodents are notorious for their ability to burrow, squeeze or swim into inconceivable spaces, and their resiliency, rapid procreation and wariness of traps make them a most formidable pest. For these reasons and more, a rodent infestation can be quite the headache to remove once established.

As such, early action is crucial when dealing with a potential rodent issue. If you notice signs of their presence—droppings, gnaw marks, odd noises or actually see them—call your pest control experts right away to begin mapping out a solution before the problem causes irreparable damage to your business. After all, they are more than just an icky nuisance; rodents in the workplace can cause real damage in the following ways:

Damage to Reputation:

Rodent sightings have always been bad for business. Yet, in the Internet Age, the impact of that damage can be exponentially magnified. We’ve all seen the stories and videos online. Customers do not hesitate to post negative reviews or share videos should they encounter a pest of any kind in a restaurant or other business, and these videos can go viral in a matter of hours. This outsized attention usually brings with it a barrage of health inspection check-ins—even the possibility of being shut down— and causes harm to your business reputation that is hard to overcome or irreparable altogether.

Destruction of Inventory and Property:

The teeth of rodents never stop growing, nor does their effort to consistently grind them down. When they are in a building, they often do so at the expense of storage containers, stocked products, electrical wiring, utility lines, insulation, walls and other infrastructure. Rodents are also infamously savvy burrowers that can make Swiss cheese of your building’s walls, foundation and general structure, creating damage that can be very costly to repair.

Impact on Production Cycle/Production Downtime:

Because of their drive to constantly gnaw and dig, rodents can severely disrupt a production cycle or workflow. Whether it is due to a contaminated food supply at a restaurant or a chewed through logistics system, production cycles of all types can be delayed or brought to a standstill by the incessant gnawing and digging of rodents. These delays are both damaging to employee morale and productivity and can be a deal breaker for customers and clients who rely on you for consistency and accountability.

Health Concerns:

Rodents can spread disease in an unsettling number of ways, including through their droppings, blood, saliva and urine. Worse, a single rodent can leave as many as 50 pellets behind per day and carry dozens of diseases and bacteria—including Bubonic plague, Hantavirus and Scrub Typhus—that can cause a variety of illness in humans, some quite severe.

Because of their rate of reproduction, the presence of a rogue rodent can turn into a devastating infestation in the blink of an eye, and there are many ways in which their presence can cause significant damage to your place of business, your business’s reputation and ultimately your bottom line. Stay a step ahead of the pests and talk to your pest control expert today about preventative and early intervention measures.

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