Rodents have an impact on agriculture every year. Farmers lose crops to rodents and have to spend time, money, and energy getting rid of them. However, in some years the rodent problem can be more than an inconvenience. Just recently Australia experienced waves of rodents destroying entire crops, invading homes and businesses, and appearing more like a biblical plague than a pest control problem. That is why pest management in agriculture is so important.

Rats in the farm

Eliminating farm pests starts with a comprehensive exclusion and extermination plan. However, pest management in agriculture is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you must carefully monitor your property to determine whether or not mice or other rodents are affecting your business. Taking action as soon as you notice signs of an infestation can help prevent serious problems on your land.

When conditions are good for crops, they are good for rodents. Many people think of regular mice as the major farm pest, but you also need to look out for farm rats and agricultural termites. Farmers’ pest control plans have to focus on all potential pests in order to be effective.

Rat babies

However, most pest control efforts focus on mice. That is because mice multiply so quickly. Not only do they give birth to large litters, but mothers can get pregnant again within 2 or 3 days of giving birth. That can mean a continuous cycle of birth, leading to a quickly exploding mouse population. You need to look for evidence of mouse activity. Watching for burrows is one way to keep an eye on the population. You can also print or buy activity cards that can help you monitor rodent activity.

As you know, mice and rats can bring many diseases. Flick has an integrated pest management solution that consists of sanitation of the premises and the insertion of traps and baits for an effective rodent elimination.

After our visit also make sure you have reduced alternative food sources. If you have feed for livestock or pets, try to store it in a sealed container. Reducing nesting areas, such as sheds, lumber, or trash piles are great ways to reduce risks of infestation.

Cooperating with your neighbors is important, as well. Together, you can coordinate a strategy for baiting and prevention, which can help increase the impact of your pest control strategies. You can also report your mouse activity on the MouseAlert website. Use the website to help see local rodent activity, which can help you prepare for potential increases in activity.

Flick covers numerous areas all over Australia. Contact Flick to develop a pest control strategy for your farm or ranch.

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