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Rodent-Borne Diseases: Understanding the Health Risks and Prevention Measures

rodent on a drying rack of a kitchen sink
April 17, 2024 12:00 am

Rodents, such as mice and rats, can pose significant health hazards to humans. These small creatures are known carriers of various diseases that can be transmitted to humans through direct contact, inhalation of dust or droplets contaminated with their urine or droppings, or via bites from either infected rodents or insects that have fed on infected rodents. Handling live or... View Article

A SMART Pest Control Solution For Your Sydney Business

SMART Pest Control device in a commercial business in Sydney
April 10, 2024 12:00 am

In a bustling city like Sydney, businesses face numerous challenges in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Among these challenges, pest infestations pose a significant threat to the smooth operations of commercial facilities. Commercial pest control, therefore, becomes an essential solution for businesses in Sydney to ensure the overall well-being of their establishments. Pest infestations in commercial facilities can have... View Article

From Ants to Termites: A Closer Look at the Pests Covered by Flick’s Home Protection Plans

Australian family enjoying a pest free home
April 3, 2024 12:00 am

Why Our Customers Choose Flick Home Protection Our customers choose Flick’s Home Protection Plans for numerous reasons, all of which revolve around the many benefits our services offer. One of the most significant advantages is our comprehensive coverage. We understand that homeowners want a pest control company that can handle all of their needs, which is why we offer a... View Article

Asian House Geckos: Everything You Need to Know

asian house gecko on a leaf
March 27, 2024 12:00 pm

Asian house geckos in Australia have sparked divergent opinions. Some people love their vocality, often hearing their distinctive chirping at night, while others find it annoying. They thrive in urban areas, taking refuge in buildings and homes, but some argue that they negatively impact native species by competing for food and habitat. Feeding on insects, Asian house geckos are prevalent... View Article

Why Flick’s Pest Home Protection Plans are a Budget-Friendly Choice

Australian home that doesn't have a Flick Home Protection Plan infested with cockroaches
March 20, 2024 12:00 pm

Regular pest control and termite inspections are crucial for both homes and businesses to protect against potential damage and health risks. Pest infestations can cause extensive damage to structures and lead to health problems for occupants. By implementing regular pest control services, infestations can be prevented, thus avoiding costly damage repairs. Proactive pest control and termite inspections bring numerous benefits,... View Article

Active Termites Are In Your Area

close up of an active termite in Australia
March 19, 2024 6:03 am

Termites are a constant threat to homes and buildings as they are active year-round. In warmer climates, termites may be more active during certain times of the year, but in many regions, including Australia, they continue to cause damage even in colder months. It is important for homeowners to be vigilant and take preventative measures to protect their properties from... View Article

The Lifespan and Reproduction Cycle of Rodents

rodent in the later stages of its lifespan chewing on a cord
March 13, 2024 12:00 pm

Rodents, such as mice and rats, have diverse lifespans and reproductive habits within the same family. The diversity in lifespan and reproduction among rodent species is evident in their breeding habits, gestational periods, and maximum lifespans. This highlights the adaptation of different species to their specific environments and ecological niches. Understanding the lifespan and reproduction of these rodent species is... View Article

Termite Life Cycle: What Termites Look Like at Each Stage

termite going through life cycle in a piece of wood
March 6, 2024 12:00 pm

Termites go through several stages in their life cycle, progressing through incomplete metamorphosis. The life cycle of a termite begins with the eggs laid by the queen. After hatching, young termites, also known as nymphs, molt several times as they grow. As they continue to develop, they eventually become workers, soldiers, or reproductives. Unlike complete metamorphosis found in insects like... View Article

Why Early Detection in Rodent Control is Important

a hole in the wall of a home which is an early sign of rodent infestations
February 23, 2024 12:00 am

Early detection plays a crucial role in effective rodent control, as it can prevent infestations from becoming widespread and harder to manage. By catching rodent activity at its early stages, property owners can minimise the damage and health risks associated with these infestations. Proactive rodent inspections are essential in identifying potential issues before they escalate, giving the opportunity to address... View Article

Different Structural Damage Caused by Termites

structural damage caused to a piece of wood from termites
February 12, 2024 12:00 am

Structural damage can vary depending on the type of termite infestation. Subterranean termites typically cause damage to the foundation and structural wood of buildings, as they live in the soil and build mud tubes to access their food sources. Drywood termites, on the other hand, infest dry wood and can cause significant damage to furniture, structural timbers, and even wooden... View Article

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