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Why Identifying Mystery Pests is Necessary

Why Identifying Mystery Pests is Necessary
November 30, 2023 12:00 am

Inspecting for Mystery Pests One of the key challenges in pest control is identifying mysterious or unidentified pests that may be wreaking havoc on our homes, gardens, or crops. These mystery pests can cause significant damage if left unchecked, making it crucial to take prompt action to identify and eliminate them. Inspecting for mystery pests requires a keen eye, attention... View Article

Types of Businesses in Need of Commercial Pest Control Services

Types of Businesses in Need of Commercial Pest Control Services
November 27, 2023 12:00 am

Restaurant Pest Control Restaurant owners and managers should be aware of the regulations and limitations regarding pest control in commercial food handling areas, even if they prefer to handle it themselves. The regulations exist to prevent contamination of food, food preparation equipment, serving areas, etc., with pesticide residues. Preventative pest control measures, including fly control and rodent control, are implemented... View Article

The Most Dangerous Spiders in Newcastle

large dangerous spider and small spiders on webs in Newcastle
November 22, 2023 12:00 am

With our humid weather, Newcastle is the perfect environment for many types of spiders. Unfortunately, that means that you can find some of the world’s most dangerous spiders here, including the funnel web spider, wolf spider, hunter spiders, red back spiders, and huntsman spiders. A bite from any of these spiders can lead to a lot of pain and potentially... View Article

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services in Bayside

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services in Bayside
November 20, 2023 12:00 am

Take control of your home and banish those pesky pests! When creepy crawlies invade, don’t panic – call in the experts at Flick Pest Control. Whether it’s spiders, ants, termites, or even possum invaders, we’ve seen it all. Serving residential and commercial properties in the vibrant Bayside area, we’re your go-to solution for pest problems. Don’t let unwanted guests ruin... View Article

12 Days of Flickmas – Home Protection Subscriber Christmas Giveaway 2023

12 Days of Flickmas
November 17, 2023 10:06 am

Over the 12 days of Christmas, we’ll be spreading festive cheer to our Home Protection subscriber family. As a Home Protection subscriber, you’re automatically in the running to win one of our 12 daily eGift Card prizes! The 12 Days of Flickmas is our thank you to our loyal Home Protection subscribers. This Flickmas we’re giving away over 25 eGift... View Article

Spider Season Swings into Dubbo

spider crawling on leather boot in Dubbo
November 8, 2023 12:00 am

The arrival of warm weather means lots of things like days full of sunshine and outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it also means the arrival of spider season in Dubbo. We see more and more spiders as the weather gets warmer. More spiders mean more spider bites. Not all spider bites are high-risk. Some spider bites may cause local itching and a... View Article

The Dangers of a Funnel-Web Spider Bite

Funnel-Web Spider crawling
October 26, 2023 12:00 am

Of all of the spiders in Australia, the funnel web has the worst reputation. This spider is known for its powerful venom, and a funnel-web spider bite can cause serious health problems due to the effects of the venom. They can even be deadly, although with anti-venom and quick treatment, they are not nearly as dangerous as they once were.... View Article

What to Do Before and After Pest Control Treatment in Horsham

What to Do Before and After Pest Control Treatment in Horsham
October 19, 2023 6:53 am

Horsham, a beautiful town in the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia, is known for its natural beauty and vibrant community. However, like any other place, it’s not immune to pest problems. Whether you’re dealing with common household pests like ants, spiders, or termites, or you have more significant issues with rodents or cockroaches, pest control treatment is essential. In Horsham,... View Article

Encounters with Huntsman Spiders: Your first clue to look out for other pests

Encountering a Huntsman Spider
October 18, 2023 12:00 am

A huntsman spider has a terrifying reputation due to their size and speed. After all, they are very large, very fast ambush hunters. However, unlike some of Australia’s other notorious spiders, huntsman spiders are not very dangerous. They rarely bite humans, and, when they do, their bites are not generally dangerous. So, if you see a huntsman spider around your... View Article

El Nino’s Impact on Pests

El Nino causing droughts and its Impact on Pests
October 11, 2023 12:05 am

You may have heard people talking about El Nino and how it will impact various things. However, if you are like many of us, you only have a vague idea of El Nino and how it can affect many things. We will explain what El Nino is, how it changes the weather, and how those changes increase the risk of... View Article

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