If your business has been closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be preparing right now for reopening. However, the pandemic has really changed workplace safety rules and recommendations. Safe Work Australia is an excellent resource for guidelines about the sweeping changes that different types of businesses may need in order to reopen safely.

While Flick cannot help you with all of your reopening tasks, we provide two types of services necessary for a safe reopening: pest control and workplace hygiene.


The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in huge shutdowns worldwide, which led to a lack of food for pests in traditional urban settings. As a result, pests have left their typical hiding places to move into suburban and rural areas, as well as abandoned or less-used commercial buildings.

· Before you open up for business, you need to ensure that pests will not be a problem.
· Inspect your premises for visible pests. Look for signs of pest damage, including feces, chewed items, shed wings, dead pests, or nests. Not sure what you are looking for? No problem. Flick provides pest inspection services.
· Inspect your premises for hidden pests. Do you have places where pests can hide and thrive without being detected? The chances are that you do, especially if you have a food service business. Our SMART digital pest control system can help actively detect and monitor hidden pests.
· Eliminate pests you currently have. If your inspections reveal a pest problem, you need to take steps to eradicate them before opening for business. Our SMART digital pest control system detects pests with 24/7 monitoring, meaning we can see where pests are travelling and adjust our pest control efforts to your real-life pest. Our pest control experts can devise a prevention program that will keep your business from attracting roaming pests who are looking for a home.

Workplace Hygiene

Another component of reopening is making sure your facility is safe for your employees, business partners, and customers. Flick offers a variety of workplace hygiene solutions designed to help prevent the spread of germs.

· Use our disinfection services to start with a sanitised office environment.
· Choose touch-free soap dispensers, hand sanitiser dispensers, and paper towel dispensers to cut down on the surface transmission of germs.
· Install hand sanitisers near high-touch areas like doors, elevators, and keypads.

Taking these steps is the key to promoting good health and hygiene in your workspaces, helping to reduce the risk and spread of viruses and bacteria.

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