You may already know that termites are the most destructive pest to Australia homes and buildings, causing costly property damage every year. For that reason, regular termite inspections can play an important role in protecting your property. However, you may not know what regular means. Use this guide to see how frequently you should have your home inspected for termites.

Generally, you should have a termite inspection every 12 months. This is for areas with normal termite infestation levels and assuming that you have not seen any possible signs of an infestation. If you are in an area that is considered high-risk or currently experiencing a termite problem, you should get your property inspected every 6 months. High-risk areas include homes and buildings that are within 50-metres of gumtrees.

Prevention starts with a barrier

If you have had termites in the past, hopefully installing a termite barrier was part of your treatment regime. If it was not, then you want to have your property inspected every six months.

Other times you want to have a termite inspection include: before you buy a new home, if you notice any signs of a termite infestation, if your neighbours have had an infestation, or if you have had any water damage in your home.
It is important to know what the signs of termite infestation are so that you can identify the signs and have your property inspected. Common signs of termites are: (1) knocking sounds (from termites banging their heads); (2) seeing flying termites or piles of wings; (3) damaged looking wood or wood that seems hollow; (4) tunnels in wood; (5) doors or windows that suddenly seem tighter or harder to open; (6) papery sounding wood; (7) frass (termite droppings); (8) noticing animals that look similar to white ants; (9) squeaking floorboards; (10) loose floor tiles; (11) peeling paint; (12) pinpoint holes in drywall; and (13) mud tubes.

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If you are worried about termites, we strongly recommend looking into a Flick’s Constant Home Protection program. We offer four different flexible plans that are designed to provide you with year-round home protection. These plans not only include regular monitoring, but also regular preventative care. They are designed to protect your biggest investment from one of Australia’s most expensive pests.

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