Termites. The bane of any Australian’s existence. Treating termites is far more difficult than preventing them, and once you have them, you can guarantee the damage has already been done. These pests are without a doubt one of the most highly destructive and have a huge hunger for cellulose-based materials, meaning the wood in your home. So, unless your home is built entirely from steel and stone, you are at risk of termites.

Termites can spend most of their time relatively invisible, and it isn’t until the colony is at full size and destructive capability that they are noticed by homeowners.

However, all the stress of finding your home being torn apart from the inside out can be avoided with a simple matter of regularly hiring a fully qualified and licensed technician for a termite inspection, ensuring that these pests are kept away from your beloved home.

termite damage to property

How often should I get a termite inspection?

It is recommended to have your home treated for termites at least once a year, and even more for high risk homes. You may be tempted to space these out between five years or more – but be warned that this is a long time for termites to build and develop their nests. The best thing to do is catch an infestation as quickly as possible.

Where you live will also determine how often you should inspect your home for termites. Because of its hot and wet climate, Australia is generally considered a high-risk area as a majority of the country experiences these conditions for a large part of the year.


I have recently done landscaping to my property or made changes to my garden

Any changes to your garden can open up new opportunities for termites to enter your property and trigger an infestation. Your previous termite barrier system may also be put at risk if they are disturbed by a new garden bed, mulch or new paving installed.

Termites also love water. If you have had any recent plumbing problems i.e. leaks and flooding, or even if you live in an area with high moisture levels, you will probably need an inspection. These may be required up to twice a year before the moisture levels have completely dried out.

My neighbours have termites

Termites in your neighbours house means you probably also have termites or are strong risk of getting them. Termites have been found to be able to travel up to 80 metres from their nest – so travelling from next door is definitely no struggle. Rotting and old wood is also the perfect breeding ground for these destructive little pests, so if you have an old tree stump in your back yard (or even a neighbour’s yard) that has been neglected, it may well have already been discovered by termites.

In short, it is highly recommended having your home inspected soon after hearing about a neighbour’s infestation. Even better, having your local Flick man install a termite barrier system in your home for that extra piece of mind.

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