As a homeowner in Australia, you already know that termites are one of the greatest threats to your property. Almost 200,000 homes each year will get termites, costing Australians more than $1.3 billion each year. You want to avoid being part of that statistic. However, knowing how often you need to top up your termite reticulation can be challenging.

Currently, the Australian standard for residential termite checks is every 12 months.

For most people, this is frequently enough to keep their homes safe. Of course, you may need more frequent refills for your reticulation systems if your system has been actively fighting termites.

It helps if you understand how a termite reticulation system works.

A termite reticulation system is an advanced system that becomes part of your home. Builders include them in most new construction, but you can also add one during some home remodelling projects.

Termite reticulation systems include a series of underground pipes around and under a home. These pipes contain insecticides that keep termites from establishing colonies in or around your home. The termite treatments deplete over time. However, you can refill the reticulation system to ensure ongoing protection.

There are several different types of reticulation systems available. Picking the right one may depend on building new construction or doing a home remodel. Each system will also have unique features. For example, some reticulation systems were completely covered by other construction materials, making them off more difficult. Other systems feature easy-to-access ways to refill the system. These systems are easier to refill and often less expensive to refill. Those features make it more likely that a homeowner will keep the system full, optimizing their home’s protection.

Does your home have a reticulation system? If you have newer construction, the answer is probably yes. In addition, if your home has had any recent remodelling, you may have been required to put in a reticulation system. That is because Australian building standards dictate that there must be a refillable termite system between existing homes and any new construction.

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