Preventing a cockroach infestation can be tricky. Cockroaches hide in dark, moist spots and may leave few visible signs of infestations. By the time you spot dead or alive cockroaches, cockroach droppings, or cockroach eggs, you may already have a pretty big cockroach problem.

Instead of waiting till you have an infestation to fight your cockroach problem, you should get a SMART pest control system. Flick’s SMART pest control helps you fight pests before they can become a severe problem. That is because we spot problems before they can become infestations.

SMART works by helping you see pests that are in hiding. The SMART system lets you see into hiding areas so that you can spot pests when they start to invade your business. You see issues when they are still potential, which means you can avoid infestations instead of fighting them.

We place monitoring areas around your business. We start with areas where bugs are likely to hide. This lets us spot them as soon as they come. Constant remote surveillance means that we can react to your bug problem in real-time. By knowing where cockroaches are hiding, we can tackle them in their hiding spots.

Prevent cockroaches before they are a problem

One benefit of responsive pest control is that it helps avoid problems. Pest infestations can cost your business a lot of money. Pests can cause plenty of damage to your property and your inventory. Pests can also scare away your customers. Getting rid of pests as quickly as possible is one of the best money-saving steps you can take.

Another benefit of the SMART system for your cockroach problem is that we are non-toxic. Instead of using poisons, we use non-toxic SMART traps. By avoiding the use of pesticides, our traps can be used in areas where pesticides would be dangerous. We also help protect your clients and your employees from exposure to pesticides.

The SMART system is also trouble-free. Once we install the SMART system, we handle everything. Our SMART units send data to our SMART hub. We analyse it and respond, moving traps to optimal locations.

Ready to take the easy approach to avoid cockroach infestations? Give Flick a call today. One of our pest control experts can come out to inspect your premises and devise a specialised SMART solution to prevent cockroach infestations before they become a costly issue.

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