Nobody wants unwelcome guests during the holidays, especially roaches! Because roaches are attracted to garbage, refuse, and food droppings, they can make even an immaculate home seem dirty.  They also spread diseases and contaminate food sources.  Keep your home clean and your guests comfortable by eradicating your pests, now.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches Starts with Prevention

As with most pests, the first component of cockroach eradication is prevention.  Cockroaches are attracted to food sources and available water.  Even if you have an immaculate home, your house may offer plenty of food for cockroaches.  That is because cockroaches are not picky eaters.  Sure, they will eat food off dirty dishes, the floor or countertops.  However, they will also eat things like toothpaste, soap, and book bindings.  Their omnivorous habits can make it difficult to eliminate all of their food sources.

However, it can be easier to eliminate their sources of water and is an important first step to helping get rid of cockroaches. For example, do you have any drips or leaks in your water pipes? If so, that can attract cockroaches to your home and should be dealt with immediately.

Find Them First

Cockroaches hide in dark spaces.  That can make them difficult to find and seemingly impossible to kill. However, Flick knows how to find where roaches may be hiding.  Our trained technicians know to look in cockroach hiding spots, which can help them identify living spaces.

Flick also has SMART Digital Pest Control system, which offers 24/7 monitoring that can detect cockroaches.  This responsive approach to pest control allows Flick to place its non-toxic bait centres at places where cockroaches are congregating.

Regular Maintenance

Some homes are more prone to cockroach infestation than others.  Factors that can impact your risk for factors include your proximity to nature and the construction of your home.  Our regular pest control plans are designed to incorporate regular inspections throughout the year, so that a cockroach does not evolve into a cockroach infestation.

Start Your Holiday Planning Now

To make sure your holidays are pest-free, you want to start now. If you have an infestation, you may have to have multiple treatments to kill all of the pests because of the cockroach lifestyle. Make you’ve got your guestlist under control. Call today and book your inspection and extermination services now.

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