Termites are such a common problem in Australia that it can be tempting to ignore how serious of a problem they can be. After all, with approximately 1 in 3 properties in Australia falling pretty to termites, it may seem like something that just happens to people. However, ignoring termites is a very serious mistake.

How Harmful Are Termites To Your Home?

Termites can cause severe damage, compromising the physical integrity of your home and causing extensive damage. In fact, in Australia termites cause more damage than other natural disasters. They cause more damage than fires, floods, and storms combined.

What makes that worse? While most natural disasters are covered by your homeowner’s insurance, termite damage is usually excluded. That means that if they damage your home, you are financially responsible. So, you have to stay ahead of termites or suffer significant financial damages.

Inspecting Your Home For Termites

That is why it is so important to prioritise termite control. One of the most important steps is frequent termite inspections. Even if you have a barrier termite control system, termites can find bridges to get into your home. So, you want to conduct regular examinations for termites.

Of course, you cannot inspect for termites unless you know the signs of termites. Many people think that termite swarms are the main sign of termites. However, swarms only happen at certain times of year. They can help you see where termites are leaving or places where they may be establishing a new hive. However, they give you little information about where to look for existing termites.

How We Can Help With Termite Control

Getting a professional termite inspection is a great idea. Pest control professionals like those at Flick know where to look for termites. We inspect areas where they are likely to live and look for evidence of damage by them. We can help spot termites before they can cause expensive damage. Plus, the earlier you catch termites, the less expensive it is to exterminate them.

We know that the very idea of termites is terrifying. However, they are simply not something you can ignore. Contact Flick today to find out more about our termite prevention programs. Fortunately, once you have a termite treatment, it is usually good for several years. Combine that with an effective inspection regime, it may be possible to keep you termite free. So, while suspecting termites is overwhelming, just remember that it is something we can treat for you.

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