You may be wondering if SMART digital rodent monitoring is worth the additional monthly expense. For many people, it is. So, we have put together some reasons that you should invest in digital rodent monitoring for your home.

Introducing Flick’s Residential SMART Digital Rodent Monitoring

  • 24/7 rodent monitoring
  • Infrared Sensors
  • Digital Alerts
  • Removal and Set Up Handled by Technicians
  • Early Detection
  • Customized Plans
  • On-going Maintenance


One of the biggest worries people have is that they will not be able to afford digital rodent monitoring. They may have heard about the prices associated with commercial systems, such as Flick’s SMART system, which is designed for commercial properties. Flick developed a digital rodent monitoring system for use in homes. It gives you the same 24/7 remote monitoring benefits as its commercial counterpart, on a smaller scale at an affordable monthly price point.


How does this monitoring help you? It lets us precisely pinpoint where your pest problem is. Of course, rodents can get into your home and run around, but they do tend to stay close to their nesting areas. Knowing their location can also help us identify any entry points that they are using to get into your home. Once we have that information, we can target pest control to that area.


The biggest benefit of digital rodent monitoring is that it saves time. Even the best pest control technicians are only making educated guesses when they place bait, rodenticides, or traps. With digital remote monitoring, we can see where rodents actually are and their movement patterns in your house. We can place tools in those locations to quickly exterminate your problem. Rodents are also smart and learn to avoid places they consider dangerous, and our continuous monitoring lets us see where they are moving once they leave a location.


Another surprising benefit of digital monitoring is that it can actually help you save you money. Where are the rodents? When we do not know, we may need to use more trap or baits than necessary to quickly solve a problem. A precise location lets us target our efforts.

Quicker Response Times With SMART Digital Rodent Monitoring

Finally, while you get more thorough monitoring, we actually save time. Remote monitoring lets us know when we should be checking bait stations or traps and when we should move them. That means quicker response times, less time waiting, and less time wasted in areas without a noted rodent presence.

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