The best way to keep cockroaches from entering your home is to block potential entry points and remove any attractants.

Where to Begin with Preventing Roaches

Blocking entry is the first step to prevent cockroaches. They can squeeze through extremely small spaces, so check around pipes and utility entry points and seal any cracks and crevices. Also, check around doors and windows to see if a cockroach could enter and use weather-stripping to tighten seals between doors and windows.

While it is certainly possible to have cockroaches in a clean home, dirty homes with open food sources can attract cockroaches. Keeping your home clean reduces its appeal to cockroaches. Make sure not to leave food or dirty dishes out overnight, ensure you wipe up spilled food or drinks and clean counters and cooking surfaces after you have cooked. It is also important to regularly clean under and around your appliances.

Because food attracts cockroaches, you want to limit where you eat. Do not eat in rooms outside of your kitchen or dining areas, and feed pets in one room. All food, including pet food, should be stored in sealed containers. Do not rely on cardboard packages to exclude cockroaches as they can get into cardboard boxes.

Ensure there is no reminisce of food crumbs and vacuum floors in dining areas each night after eating. Clean the floors in the rest of the house every few days to eliminate any crumbs that may be tracked into other areas. In addition, regular vacuuming helps remove traces of roaches like their feces and egg sacs. This is important because roach droppings and eggs have roach-attracting pheromones in them.

Check underneath sinks and at any other potential water sources for water leaks. Making sure there is no leaking water available can help reduce the appeal for roaches.

What if you have already seen evidence of cockroaches? If you notice cockroach droppings or spot a roach on your premises, the chances are that there are many you have not seen. Roaches in a home are more than a nuisance; they carry parasites, bacteria, and other pathogens.

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