While hygiene is important in any customer-oriented business, it is crucial to food retail businesses.  Food safety is a top concern when providing food to the public. Compromised food sources can lead to illness, which impacts your business and puts your customers at real risk. 

Even if a restaurant only has a hint of non-hygienic practices, it can have a devastating impact on its business.  Customers who encounter dirty washrooms, get a glimpse of a dirty kitchen, see pests or evidence of pests, are not likely to continue to frequent the business.  In addition to stopping their patronage, they may leave negative reviews or report your business to health authorities.  All of these actions can have a cumulatively negative impact on your business.

Variety of Hygiene Solutions!

Flick can help you keep your restaurant or other food establishment customer ready.  We offer washroom hygiene solutions as well as pest control, which means we can help you with any hygiene challenges your company faces.

Do you know one of the things many restaurant patrons do when they visit a new food service place?  They visit the washroom.  If the washroom is dirty, does not have soap or paper towels available, or is otherwise not serviceable, they already have a negative impression of your restaurant. They know that the staff preparing their food use the same washrooms, and they also assume that if you do not keep your washroom clean, you do not keep your kitchen or food storage areas clean.  Flick offers washroom supply services to help you with your washroom hygiene, including automated soap dispensers, paper towel, and hand sanitiser dispensers that make it easier for guests and staff to keep their hands clean.  

Bad Hygiene can Lead to Pests

While most of your guests will not see your food storage areas or your kitchen, they are two other areas that need attention.  Pests want three things: food, water, and shelter, and your kitchen supplies it to them.  Frequent places for pests to hide include under sinks and dishwashers, underneath or behind ovens, stoves, and refrigerators, in the walls, and inside packaging.  You want to do everything you can to keep pests from entering, which means making sure your building is well-sealed, inspecting food before you bring it onto the premises, and properly storing food once you have it on the premises.

However, preventative exclusion measures are not generally enough to keep pests away from commercial food establishments.  Part of hygiene vigilance is establishing a routine pest control program.  Flick offers a variety of commercial pest control solutions, which may incorporate a variety of approaches to keep your food storage and preparation areas pest-free.

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