Oh no!  You have spotted mice in your house.  What next?

While mice are unrelenting food soilers, property wreckers and disease carriers, there is no reason to tackle them on your own to get rid of them.  Instead, with the help of Flick pest control solutions, there are steps you can take to get these uninvited guests on the road and looking for a new place to crash.

Before you can successfully rid your home of a rodent, it should be made clear that if you have detected a mouse in your house, chances are, they came with company.  Mice are prolific breeders on a stealth mission to avoid contact with their household hosts.  If you have caught a glimpse of one scurrying through your home, family is nearby.  So, even if you trap that one mouse, the challenge charges on.  Small but mighty, unfortunately, this means that you have a problem and will need to expend some effort on pest control.  Fortunately, Flick has the answer.

Multiple Solutions to Stop the Mice

Now for solutions. We can tell you to seal your household entry points, set baited traps perpendicularly along your walls, and even to get a cat, BUT* we want to give it to you straight. Truthfully these steps aren’t always enough to get the job done, and due to the high reproduction rate of mice, your small problem can grow into a big problem in a short period of time. The quickest, and most effective remedy to your rodent issue is to simply give us a call. Our professional pest control technicians will visit your home to analyse the site and locate all nesting sites. From there, they will devise a customised, comprehensive action plan loaded with sealant service, sanitation, traps, baits, and insecticides to eliminate the problem directly from the source.  Whether you see one or one hundred, our non-toxic solutions guarantee safe, speedy, stress -free remedies to any size problem.

Not only do we solve problems, but we also prevent them.  Our Constant Home Protection plans include regular inspections that detect pests and accessible entry points before they turn into headaches. Our monthly subscription service offers flexible plans of year-round home protection, which eliminates pests and protects all areas of your home.

No matter the problem, we’ve got you protected – give us a call at + 1300-354-254to remove the mice in your house or to discuss your pest control concerns.

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