This week we celebrate her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the second’s birthday. In truth, her real birthday actually falls on the 21st of April and this year she is 93 years young, with no sign of slowing down. She’s led a life dedicated to public service around the clock and isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty. She famously worked as a mechanic and driver during World War II.

Long live the Queen!

Yet she isn’t the only monarch to work tirelessly, nor be unafraid of getting down in the dirt. Termite queens, like their termite workers, do no not sleep. Making their homes in the humid dirt, they are also long lived, with some species of termite queens living for up to 30 years.


Termites are vegetarian, with a particular diet of eating and digesting the cellulose in wooden fibres, these break down into much needed down into the need carbohydrates. For protein, they snack on a moss that grows in their colonies. This eating of wood is what makes them so dangerous. They will tunnel their way through wooden structures, causing the wood to become structurally unsound.

Should you try and remove the Queen?

Not by yourself. The Queen can only be removed by a referendum with consensus from 2/3rds of the Australian States. Unfortunately, much like Charles the 1st, Termites don’t respect the sovereignty of your home. So rescinding from the monarchy by way of a democratic motion of Independence won’t cut it. There’s only one option for dealing with Termite infestation, Regicide. You could take the route that the first Queen Elizabeth took with Mary, queen of the Scots. Imprison the termite queen for 18 ½ years in the hopes the termite rebellion will die down We think this method takes too long however. The sooner the queen is deposed, the less coffers it will take to fix the damage. Finding and killing the termite queen, ensures the colony of termites will be eliminated. But don’t do it by yourself!

Get Flick to remove the Queen.

In all seriousness, disturbing the colony yourself will cause them to scatter into other areas, making them harder to find and eradicate. The best course of action is to contact a termite professional like Flick, who are specially trained and have specialist equipment to handle termites, and put a stop to them. If you want to bring down the monarchy that has established itself in your home call Flick on 1300 270 019!

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