Pests can cause damage to your business

Pests in a kitchen can contaminate food and supplies, putting the health and safety of your customers at risk.  Common pests, such as rodents and insects can spread diseases and can contaminate food with droppings, fur, and other debris.  This contamination can damage businesses even if no customers get ill. Evidence of pests will quickly turn enthusiastic customers into vocal opponents and can result in a business being forced to make expensive changes or close.  Many small businesses are unable to survive that type of hit to their reputation.  That is why it is particularly important for food-oriented businesses to keep their commercial kitchens free from pests.  

What type of pest control should I use?

However, commercial kitchens also have to be very aware of what types of products they are using for pest control.  Many popular pest control options may be highly effective at eliminating pests but do so because they employ toxic products that can pose a hazard to staff, especially when used in a food prep environment.  This creates a Catch-22 scenario for commercial kitchens: should they rely on less efficient products and risk pest contamination or use more effective products and risk potentially contaminating food? 

How can Flick help?

At Flick, we offer reliable, safe, pest prevention and extermination services that do not force our customers to choose between safe pest control and effective pest control.  We focus on rodents and insects, the two major threats to the cleanliness of a commercial kitchen, and offer innovative solutions for both types of pest problems.

Flick uses AEPMA-certified pest control training, ensuring that its technicians can determine the correct products to stop insects fast without introducing toxins that are unsafe to use in commercial kitchens.  Our technicians are also trained in exclusion and can help you develop a comprehensive pest-control approach that eliminates many of the attractants that draw pests to the average commercial kitchen.  By teaching you best practices and how to easily employ them in your business, we help reduce your need for insecticides.  

Flick’s SMART System

Our SMART system uses technology to help us target rodent control to those places most likely to be frequented by pests, preventing them from infiltrating your business.  We can remotely monitor your businesses, allowing us to respond in real-time to potential pest problems.  Our traps humanely kill rodents and also keep them contained, so that they are not an unsightly problem for your customers or employees. 

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