Australian hospitality businesses are preparing to reopen into a trading landscape with many unknowns. It’s up to all of us to work together to avoid another outbreak of Covid-19, through stringent hygiene and social distancing.

Pubs, restaurants, cafés & gyms face particular challenges in keeping customers and the community safe. Patrons will be understandably nervous that coronavirus is still around, which is why the right hygiene steps are crucial to safely reopen your businesses – and keep it open.

Use a Disinfectant to Kill Traces of Covid-19

Flick is Australia’s largest provider of pest and hygiene products. We’ve been providing high-grade disinfectant misting services throughout the pandemic, to public transport networks, commercial and residential spaces.

Our primary disinfectant has been confirmed to kill COVID-19*. Using it boosts cleaning and gives high-use spaces maximum protection. The quick-drying disinfectant requires minimal downtime and can be applied after hours, making it ideal for hospitality businesses.

Enhance Customer Peace of Mind with a 3-Step Hygiene Program

State governments are releasing guidelines for reopening, such as this safety checklist from the Qld government. Along with social distancing guidelines, it recommends rigorous cleaning schedules be enforced.

To supplement it, we have developed a 3-Step Program to help Australian businesses stay open and keep the community COVID-safe.

Ready, Set, Protect: 3-Steps to Keep Hospitality Businesses COVID-safe

Step 1: Ready
High-Grade Disinfection to Kill COVID-19

Increase customer confidence by displaying a certificate that the premises has been disinfected with a high-grade product that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19*.

Our disinfectant, not only kills COVID-19*, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With a quick-drying formula, the space can be re-entered after approximately an hour.

It has been proven to work without pre-cleaning. However, in line with Australian Government guidelines, we recommend it being applied to clean surfaces and as a powerful supplement to your regular cleaning schedule.

Repeat expert disinfection every 30 days for maximum peace of mind, or depending on your site conditions every week/fortnight for high traffic areas.

Step 2: Set
Install Non-touch Hygiene Products

After you’ve disinfected your pub, café, restaurant or gym, we recommend installing non-touch hand sanitiser spray stations throughout and establishing staff and customer guidelines on social distancing and hygiene. Extreme hygiene vigilance should now be part of your daily framework.

Flick is one of the largest providers of non-touch hygiene products in Australia, along with comprehensive washroom hygiene services. Have a qualified hygiene technician service your hospitality business regularly to ensure onsite germ transmission is neutralised.

Step 3: Protect
Activate SMART Pest Technology

The pandemic has heightened activity in the rodent population, as rats have been forced into the open by food scarcity. Invading empty pubs, restaurants, cafes and gyms, it’s likely that you’re returning to some new occupants! As rats carry diseases and germs, it’s imperative to protect your hospitality business from vermin.

Keep your business monitored 24/7 with Flick’ SMART Pest Control. A digital, remote-monitored system for pest and germ control that it is non-toxic, kills rodents humanely and prevents an infestation through continual surveillance and reporting.

Let’s keep the community COVID-safe and businesses open! Call + 1300 270 019 to find out more about how you can get Ready, Set & Protect your hospitality business with Flick.

*ARTG No.336972. At the request of customers, we may use other products. For more information please call + 1300 270 019.

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