More than half of Australia will face a termite issue

Termites are a serious problem in Australia. In fact, at any one time, it is estimated that around one-third of homes in Australia have termites. Even more alarming, around two-thirds of homes are expected to have termites at some point in time. They cause 100 million dollars of property damage in Australia each year. That’s why preventing termite infestations is so important to avoid costly structural damage to your home.

While many people understand that keeping termites out of their property is important, they often unaware of how to do this. The key to keeping termites from entering your home is understanding how they enter and taking steps to change conditions.

Termites travel over long distances in two main ways. The first way is when they swarm. During termite swarm season, termites grow short wings that allow them to leave their current colony and fly away to establish another colony in a second location. This swarm allows them to move greater distances than they normally would. It is also easy to notice. You can see flying termites during swarm season, and, if you cannot see them, you may see evidence of swarms like wings that have fallen off of them.

The signs to look out for

Termites also use wood to travel. Wood building materials in and around the home can provide not just the food source that termites need, but also a way for termites to get from outside of a home to inside of a home. Therefore, any time that wood building materials for the home or its surrounding surfaces, such as decks or fences, touch the ground, they provide an opportunity for termites to enter the home.

In addition to wood, termites are drawn to moisture and warmth. Conditions that create moisture and warmth can be appealing to termites. This means that puddles or mulch near the foundation of a home, air condition units that create moisture, woodpiles, or uncleared bushes can all attract termites.

Termites can get into the home through extremely small cracks. If a crack is large enough to fit the width of cardstock paper, termites can fit through the crack. Termites can come in above ground, through wood-to-ground contact areas like door frames, they can also enter through cracks in the home’s foundation or cracks in bricks or mortar.

How termites will enter your home

Termite Infestation

If you suspect that you have termites in your home, under no circumstances should they be disturbed as it will make it difficult to find the colony and exterminate them. To see if your home is vulnerable to a potential termite infestation, contact Flick for a thorough timber pest inspection.

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