For centuries, the standard in pest control has been the mousetrap or rodenticides. To make them work effectively, people have had to guess where rodents might be and hope that their extermination methods are in the right places. While people have tweaked them, the basic approach to pest control has remained the same. While the skill of the technician helped, it was mainly luck that determines how effective your pest control will be.

A Better Way

Flick has innovated to provide residential customers with the SMART digital rodent monitoring system, which is one of the most significant improvements in pest control in ages.

This system allows you to monitor your entire home for rodents 24/7. It lets us spot a rodent problem before it becomes an infestation, by notifying us when it detects rodents. We respond quickly, so that we can ensure that bait stations or traps are located where the rodents are present.

Benefits of Rapid Monitoring

The biggest benefit of digital monitoring is that it takes the guess work out of rodent removal. Without using technology, pest control technicians have to guess where rodents are likely to be. This can lead to some trial-and-error in the placement of bait and traps. That means that rodents may be in your home for longer periods of time. With real time 24/7 monitoring, we eliminate the guess work. We can target rodents where they are, getting rid of them.

Dangers of Rodent Infestation

Why is that so important? Because rodents are terrible for your home. You probably know that rodents are associated with the spread of disease, but did you also know that rodents can cause serious, long-term property damage?

  • Rodents chew through wiring and can even cause house fires.
  • Rodent waste can contaminate food
  • Rodents can damage furniture and property by chewing and with their waste
  • Rodents can damage insulation and wood
  • Rodents in your garage can lead to serious damage to your car


Our digital rodent monitoring system is worry-free. You never need to charge it and comes with backup batteries to support itself in the event of a power outage. You do not need to move the SMART connect or eye devices. We handle all of that for you. We monitor remotely, so we can respond on time, making this the most hassle-free way to handle rodent control at your home.

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