Are you wondering if a monthly pest control subscription is the right solution for your pest problem? At Flick, we offer various levels of subscription services as well as one-time pest control solutions. Not every solution is right for every person, but pest control services are definitely one place where you can spend a little on prevention or a lot more on the cure. Not only that, but with Flick, our monthly pest control subscriptions are much more affordable than most people realise, and they offer far greater benefits.

Multiple Levels of Pest Control Subscriptions

At Flick, we offer several different levels of pest control service, from our basic Bronze plan to our top-of-the-line Gold plan. The right package for you depends on several factors, such as the location of your home, whether you are currently dealing with any pest control issues, the age of your home, and whether your home was constructed with pest repellant systems or techniques in place.

For maintenance level pest control that specifically targets termites, we have a package that fits into just about any budget. As you probably already know, termites are a huge problem throughout Australia and this service is aimed at helping ensure your home stays termite-free. It is designed specifically to target that single type of pest. You can easily move up to a convenience monthly subscription, which has annual interior and exterior pests and call outs to exterminate those insects. Our higher levels combine these services with termite or timber pest services.

Subscription Misconceptions

One thing that many people do not realise about monthly pest control subscriptions is that they are not limited to once-a-month applications of pesticides. Instead, most of our subscriptions feature year round protection, designed to let you set your pest-control schedule and be responsive to your changing needs. You may do something that inadvertently introduces pests into your home and this type of flexibility helps you deal with potential problems before they can become infestations.

If you are on the fence about whether a monthly pest control subscription is right for you, give us a call. We will talk to you about your current pest situation, problems that you face, the type of home you have, and that home’s location, to help you determine whether a monthly subscription is right for you.

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